Tuesday 5 December 2017

4 Smart ways professionals can promote their practice during the holidays

For professionals who own and operate independent practices such as dental clinics, legal services, and nursing homes, the most effective way of marketing is usually “word-of-mouth marketing”. However, the holiday season presents a great opportunity for such small businesses to promote themselves subtly via other means and get a good response from the market.

 By investing in a good website revamp and implementing the following tricks, small enterprises can capture the attention of the market:

Holiday Theme: This is the most important way to entice your target audience. By redesigning your website to match the colors of the holiday season, you can evoke a pleasant response from users who are likely to spend more time on your website and improve site traffic. It can also promote goodwill and improve the trust customers place on the brand.

End of Year Benefits Reminder: This is another way in which businesses can improve their revenue. By declaring the lapse of yearly benefits and loyalty points on 31st December, businesses can motivate more customers to avail their services before the year ends. This way, more footfalls can be generated and the revenue can be shored up.

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Special Offers: Small businesses can usually suffer from a lean period during the rest of the year. By announcing special offers ahead of the holiday season, the likelihood of boosting revenues increases. Special offers and discounts also go a long way in bringing in new and curious customers, which is a great way of reducing margins to increase customer base.

Free Gifts: Gifts and goodies are a great way of promoting your practice. By distributing goodies that bear your brand’s logo, businesses can serve marketing props that become a part of the lifestyle of the customers. The choice of gifts, however, is very important. It can either be a coupon that merely offers a percentage of savings or it can be a useful gift such as a calendar or diary that the customers chance upon every day.

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