Wednesday 15 September 2021

Learn How To Make More Money With Mobile Wallet App

In today's world, you could see money transaction happens everywhere in the daily life. As we know that mobile wallet is now not a new entry, more and more people opt for the mobile payment system to go for online transactions as the mobile app technology has made their transactions more facile and easy. 

Though it already exists in the market for a long time, however, due to this pandemic the mobile wallet app has again got a push with more demands. 

If you are seeking to build an efficient P2P mobile wallet app, consider the following top-notch features to integrate into your system. 

Let's get started!

Go For A Quick Registration 

Keep your user connected with your app by providing them a quick registration process. This is the primary feature to proceed with any online transaction asking the user to complete with the profile details. 

Sometimes when users make an emergency transaction, they are more likely to feel that typing is more time-consuming. In such conditions, you can also let them log in through Gmail or FB to make their payment faster.  

Keep your App Away From Minimal Transaction Limit

However, many payment portals have made their app accept the transaction only if it does not exceed the transaction limit. This frequently disturbs the user while making a payment. 

Users always expect their payment need to complete in the first attempt itself. If you set an online payment app without a minimal transaction limit, it would make users love to touch your app every time they are ready for the transaction. 

Allow Payment From different Accounts

This feature has been the prominent one to consider while developing an online payment app. In some conditions, for a user holding a single account has popped out a transaction issue sporadically allowing their payment attempt to halt most probably. 

To let them continue with the transaction your payment gateway app should support them accessing with another account. 

If your mobile wallet app has integrated this feature then you provide users a high consideration to prefer your app whenever they make online payments.  

Attract Users With Reward Points 

While developing the mobile wallet payment app, you need to incorporate attractive features like offering reward points, cash backs, or any discounts on every transaction. Such things keep your user stay cool after the payment process by making them satisfied they earned something worthwhile. 

This is one of the smartest ways our Mobile Payment Gateway Developer in Malaysia gets you an incredible user experience towards the mobile wallet app and easily attracts users to use your payment gateway app more frequently. 

Secure Checkout Grabs Mobile Wallet App Users 

Not every app links the users' bank details apart from payment gateway apps. Literally, every mobile app user expects the utmost safety while accessing the payment app to pursue the transaction process. 

You need to design your mobile wallet app in a way of safeguarding your users' confidential bank details from hackers. Once you made them satisfied with the security service you provide, retaining the app users will be on the rise. While developing an online payment app, prioritize your action to express secure checkout on every payment process. 

Save Money With Online Invoicing 

In today's world, generating invoices happens in a little while wherever you go for purchases. We have seen paper bills in the past decades everywhere in common.

But, right from the human start using with the advanced technology to do the payment, generating invoices happens in a flash. Many users need a written proof for future use for the payment they proceeded using the app.

But, with the use of mobile wallet app you can generate the quicker invoices with the payment details to users' mail or through text message. This ultimately saves money by reducing the paper cost.

Wrapping Up!

Without hesitation, the mobile wallet app methodology is expected to reach an unimaginable height in the coming future. Using the perfect technology and skills to build a mobile wallet app in the modern world is crucial. Want to create a customized mobile wallet app like the PayPal app for your industry? Ring our Mobile Payment Gateway Developer in Malaysia with this number 91+.... or Get a quick quote from our Mobile Wallet App Developers team in Malaysia to optimize your business revenue and user experience swiftly.

Monday 30 August 2021

What Frameworks in Python Are the Best For Web Development?

A high-level programming language with dynamic typing and interpretation, Python is a name that many revere in the web development space. Though based essentially on Object-Oriented Programming, Python has enough versatility to dominate its competition while simultaneously donning multiple hats.

When it comes to coding in Python, its unique syntax gives it all the difference it needs. Languages like Java, C and C++ have a more redundant and intensive syntax, whereas the coding you employ in Python is more easily learnable and simpler.

Python Development Company Malaysia

Python comes with a plethora of frameworks, a majority of which are used for developing websites and applications. Creating a website requires you to have complete control over both the functionality and the interface. And Python has frameworks that make web development seamless, allowing the developer to work on both the functionality and the interface.

This is where the concepts of full-stack and non-full-stack come in. The former refers to frameworks that let you manage all aspects of development without the requirement of any extra software, while the latter only provides limited solutions. Python has frameworks for both full-stack and non-full-stack requirements! 

Here are the major Python frameworks that you can employ for your web development needs:


1) Django:

An open-source and free-to-use Python framework, Django is employed to create complex websites and applications with large functionalities in relatively lesser time. The MVC architecture allows developers to avoid repetitiveness, ship out quicker and test their applications immediately. Django comes with a plethora of libraries that help you avail a number of components and packages, employ reusability modules and focus better on delivering quality applications through Python development.

2) Web2py:

Web2py is a cross-platform web app framework for Python development. Equipped with an editor, debugger and deployment module, Web2py is perfect for developing applications across Linux, Mac, Google and Windows interfaces. What makes this an incredible framework is the deep level of security it provides; applications developed on Web2py have cybersecurity measures instilled. 

3) CubicWeb:

Yet another open-source Python framework, CubicWeb is based on the data model. CubicWeb was developed by Logilab for separating views and models. Multiple cubes combine to create databases, web servers and configuration files! 

4) TurboGears:

Mark Ramm and Kevin Dangoor developed this free-to-use data-driven framework. TurboGears supports multiple databases and has a number of libraries. Along with this, it also has a web server gateway interface that allows developers to add complex widgets to their apps.

5) Pylon:

Though developed long ago, in 2010, Pylon is lightweight and emphasizes on developing applications swiftly. Since it follows languages like Ruby and Perl, it makes web development incredibly flexible. Pylon merged with the Pyramid framework is most commonly used for testing. 

6) Giotto:

Giotto is a Python development framework, which like most others in Python follows the MVC model. To make web development effective and swift, it separates the Model, View and Controller elements from each other. This makes it easy for the designers, admins and developers working on the project. Giotto can also be used for stellar website and web app creation!


1) CherryPy:

An open-source and object-oriented Python framework, CherryPy can run on most operating systems seamlessly, provided they support Python. CherryPy allows for swift running of HTTP servers simultaneously. It also provides the tools necessary for caching, authorizing and encoding. The built-in plugin system in CherryPy makes development a lot easier. 

2) Bottle:

Lightweight and robust, Bottle is a microframework is used to create small web applications with a single source file. Though it supports different databases and plugins, Bottle isn't suited for heavy apps.

3) Sanic:

Developed to process faster than other frameworks, Sanic holds a record for the most requests processed in a second! 

Each of these Python web development frameworks have pros and cons of their own, and employed right can augment your venture like no other! Avail top-notch Python development today and witness the brilliance this language carries - call Openwave. The leading Python development company in Malaysia, at Openwave you'll find the best web development solutions customized for your business needs. Reach out to us today to get started! 

Tuesday 30 March 2021

Importance of Having an Ecommerce Solution for Your Website

Be honest with yourself! How many times did you make a purchase online on an eCommerce site? You can't say a Nay if you are living in the digitized world! 

The need for eCommerce websites has skyrocketed! People love shopping online. Relaxing on your sofa and sailing through an eCommerce website, landing on the required product, paying the bill online, Guess what? You just made a purchase swiftly, relaxed and in no time!

The comfort these eCommerce websites have at their end has increased the number of consumers.  

If you are thinking about an eCommerce solution of a website, this article can be an eye-opener. Follow the article closely for extensive understanding.

What is a Complete eCommerce Solution?

A complete eCommerce solution is a platform where a shop owner can buy and sell his products online.

But a complete eCommerce solution can meet many other features exceeding your expectations.

The complete eCommerce solutions are broadly classified into 

  • Front-end Features 

  • Back-end Features

Front-end Features

The User interface is the front-end feature of the eCommerce solution. Your customers directly interact with the features of the website. Simply, it is the communication between humans and machines. Some of the front-end features are:

  • Customer-login

  • Search Bar

  • Shopping cart

  • Product Lists

  • Product Pages

  • Recommendations

  • Personalized items

  • Product Builders

and there are many more features that fall under the category of the front-end features. Be sure to include these features on your eCommerce website.

Back-end Features

Precisely, back-end features are the coding that runs your website. When a client clicks on a button, its the back-end feature that pops up/ land on the requested page. Some of the back-end features are,

  • Dashboard

  • Product Database

  • Payment processing

  • Administration Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Sitemap

  • Store Management

Consider adding up these back-end features for a satisfactory customer-driven experience.

Is eCommerce right for you?

Deciding whether to go for an eCommerce website needs more groundwork than you could imagine. So, you have a certain amount of knowledge in what is a complete eCommerce website. 

Still, you can look out to your business environment to take up the decision. Ask these three questions to you

#1 Do your competitors own a full eCommerce solution for their website?

#2 Do you sell a range of products and want to meet a multitude of people to sell your products?

#3 Have you received many requests and feedbacks for facilitating online purchases?

At the end of these three questions, if you are nodding yes for all three, without any further ado, consider going for an eCommerce.

Signs eCommerce is not the right option for you!

Even though, eCommerce solutions for a business might be the need of the hour! But, still choosing whether to go with one depends on the type of business you own.

There are businesses, you can run without a complete eCommerce solution, choosing it wisely can save your money! 

If you offer customized business services and solutions, then the eCommerce website design is not a good fit for you.

Not interested in a Full eCommerce Solution?

Businesses grow every day in a wide-range. Locating where you fall lies the essence of going for a complete eCommerce solution. There are businesses that do not need a complete eCommerce solution.

Ask your eCommerce developer to work on the requirements of your business. Based on your requirements you can design your website and provide it with the required solutions you and your customers need.


With the growth of the latest technologies and advancement, the need for eCommerce solutions for websites is always there! But, before rushing to one! Doing small research on how the eCommerce platform can benefit your customers, and do your business really need an eCommerce solution can help you land on the better decision!

By all means, if your website needs eCommerce solutions to support, and if you are looking for the best eCommerce development company in Malaysia, reach out to Openwave. Openwave is the leading Malaysian software solution provider with hundreds of satisfactory over a decade! Call us today for a free quote!

Sunday 31 January 2021

4 Important Benefits of Mobile Apps for Internal Business Communication

The pandemic has made the lives of workmen difficult. These hard times have also given rise to few technological advancements through which communication and growth of the company can be met.

Mobile application for internal business communication is one such factor that played a crucial role in binding up employees together.

Below mentioned are the four important benefits of building a mobile app for business communication.

Team Collaboration

Passing through unprecedented times like the pandemic, involves employees working from their home, a few from the office, and rest from the other part of the world. Meeting in-person during these tough times can disrupt team collaboration and project management becomes difficult.

Developing a mobile application to follow the project with the team members can give you a dedicated portal to stay connected, share knowledge. The internal mobile app breaks down the communication barrier and makes no space for miscommunication.

Accessing Resources

When the team is scattered, accessing resources becomes difficult. A final project is an outcome of teamwork. Different teams are involved in creating a project. From sculpting it in the beginning to completing it till the end, it takes employees, managers, leads, and consultants to get a job done. Sharing resources, accessing them, editing them, and finalizing the project becomes much easier with the internal mobile app.

Flexibility at Work

Unplanned huddles, a last-time meet-up for a project can all happen at the workplace. Traveling an hour or more just to attend a meeting becomes weary and inefficient. Building a mobile application for internal communication can increase flexibility at the workplace.

The mobile app lets you collaborate with your teammates with the flexibility of reaching out to them from your home or a coffee shop or anywhere in your comfort zone. 

Enhancing Transparency

One of the biggest nightmares in an organization is miscommunication. Miscommunication is the result of a lack of visibility among employees and the hierarchy level of designations. Inefficient communication, low visibility can deteriorate the credibility of a company and lower down customer satisfaction.

Developing an internal mobile app streamlines workflows. The team can receive instant updates on their mobile device and things are kept informed, avoiding conspiracy.

Wrapping Up!

Developing an internal mobile application can benefit your company by all means. Openwave is one of the top Mobile App Development Companies in Malaysia. Reach out to us for building customizable internal mobile applications at affordable prices! Want a free quote? Call us today!

Thursday 7 January 2021

Top 4 Android Libraries for Mobile App Development in 2021

Looking for the top four Android libraries that can make an app building process seamless? The below mentioned are the widely-used Android libraries across the globe. Read the advantage below.


If you are looking for a type-safe library for Java and Android that goes well along with HTTP-based API services from your Android apps, Retrofit is the library you are searching for.

Retrofit uses the OkHttp library’s core functionality, and many specific features, to remove the boilerplate code.

This one is user-friendly to receive data structures other than JSON, for instance, Jackson and SimpleXML.

You can flawlessly manipulate headers & endpoints, add a request body and query parameters, & select request methods, all with annotations in Retrofit.

Dagger 2

With not many limitations unlike other Java dependency injector libraries, Dagger is a superhero. Those libraries help to render smaller elements to other models and help to remain intact with one another. Java dependency injector libraries make it hard while building larger apps and tackle dependency injection.

Dagger is the knight in shining armor that can save you during these tough times and helps to develop a dependency injection graph in compile-time through annotation processors.


Glide is an image loader and one of the best new Android libraries for developers, managed by Bumptech. It lets you transform the image the way you want, suggested by Google and one of the best new Android libraries for developers. 

Glide renders animated GIF support while managing image loading & caching and helps in decoding, fetching, displaying GIFs, images, and video calls. A flexible API enables developers to plug in any network stack, as its default stack is HttpUrlConnection.

Glide makes the scrolling procedure for any list of pictures seamless. One can also use it to fetch, resize, or display a remote photo.


ButterKnife is a view binding library used in assigning ids to views effortlessly, by avoiding the excess of findViewByld. The library is widely used by Android developers to generate boilerplate code where butterknife annotations are generated.

This super binding library saves time to script repetitive coding lines for developers. Avoid writing repetitive code with the library, Butterknife helps developers to bind strings, drawables, dimens, click events, and more.

Wrapping Up!

Android development can be made seamless with the usage of the right Android libraries. Widely used Android IDEs makes the process super-fast and effective!

Buckle up with Openwave, the leading Android app development company for developing user-friendly and creative Android apps at rocket speed. Call us today for a free quote!

Monday 28 December 2020

Top Benefits of Digital Payments for B2B Businesses

Staying on the trend is the formula to achieve success. Digital payments globally are revolutionizing the way businesses used to operate. Digital payments transfer funds electronically to your account from the customer's. It is one of the quickest, safest, and efficient ways to keep your business growing.

Financial management becomes seamless and easier than never before with the digital payment processes. You receive on-spot money for the products or services you sell. This keeps your cash flow intact and future investment and expanding your business can happen instantly.


Even in a world that spinning and changing lightning-fast, there are companies that still follow paper-based money transfers that can drag down business growth. Invoices are delayed and customer satisfaction becomes a question mark. 


Here are some of the five important benefits of digital payments over paychecks to increase cash flow for your business.



  • Convenience & Accessibility


Digital payments allow customers to pay invoices from anywhere. The need for visiting the store, standing in a queue, spending a lot of time to make the payment are gone. Customers now can pay at their own convenience with desired digital payment methods.


  • Involves Zero Risk


One of the biggest advantages of digital payments is the safety it offers. Nobody can snatch away your money, or the stress of always being cautious about the money is not mandatory anymore.


  • Keep Track of Your Money


The merchant-specific databases provide time-to-time information on the payments. ACcessing payment information becomes easier.


  • Multiple Payment Options

Business cash flow can be increased with fast and swift transactions. Multiple payment options improve the customer experience.


  • Save Costs, Time, and Processing Fees.


Paperless transactions save a lot of time, money, and processing fees. Receiving instant money for the purchase made can promote business growth.


Wrapping Up!


Want to give your business the launch pad it deserves? Looking for the best Payment Gateway Integration Services in Malaysia? Collaborate with Openwave for a secure payment gateway integration service and enhance customer satisfaction! Want a free quote? Give us a call today!

Friday 11 December 2020

Watch out For the Web Development Trends for 2021

Building a website, growing businesses, and making money is the goal of entrepreneurs. Are you one of them with the burning desire to grow your startup? Want to build a flawless and stunning website to catapult the outreach of your business? Go through the 5 top web development trends in 2021 and glow differently amid your competitors.

Web Development Trends 2021

Dark Mode Design One of the most popular web development trends in 2021 is the dark mode design. The dark background does not only alleviate the design, makes things prominent on the website, makes it easy to navigate through the site for long hours, prevents eye, but also, adds class and stylish looks to your website.
3D designs 3D designs have never failed to amaze people irrespective of their age. 3D designs grab the attention of the user and make them stay longer on the website. 3D designs are one of the cost-effective methods to make your website appear more pleasing and powerful.
Voice Search and Navigation Voice search and navigation is the need of the hour. Many of us have started painlessly searching through voice search and navigation. Google Chrome and Firefox support voice search and navigation, making it flexible to add it to your website.
Page Load Speed Around 50% of visitors tend to abandon a website when the loading time takes more than 3 seconds. With visitors looking for information to be accessed at lightning speed, optimize your website to lower down the bounce-back rate, compress images and videos without compromising on the quality.

Motion Design UI The animation is ruling the world. A good website with user-friendly web designs grabs the attention of the visitors, enhances customer satisfaction, and makes your website more attractive and interesting for the visitors to stay.
Wrapping Up! Numerous websites are coming up day-by-day, making yours unique, attractive, and powerful what keeps you stand out from the competitors. Are you planning to design and develop a website for your business? Not sure, how to start and what to include to make your website amazing? Reach out to Openwave, the Top Web Development Company in Malaysia for designing and developing dynamic websites! Call us today to talk with our experts and get a free quote in no time!