Monday 19 September 2016

Top four E-Commerce Trends in 2016 to Enhance your Online Strategy

E-commerce trends keep changing year by year. Some trends stay as a favorite parallax, while others keep on changing. If you're just planning to set up an online store for the first time, ensure that you keep an eye on the latest methods to create something that attracts visitors. Only those businesses that understand the evolving trends will enjoy tremendous growth.

Here are four promising e-commerce trends in 2016 that can boost online sales:

Set Up Multiple Channels to power your Business:

Anything complex, like filling out a long form or going through a tedious checkout process would frustrate the customers. It’s the same case for online shopping that is confined to a single device. But not anymore! Today, majority of retailers design a multi-channel system to boost sales and enhance customer's shopping experience.

Stunning Images and Videos attract the audience:

Today, many designers have started concentrating much on impressive graphics and videos, as it would grasp the attention of a vast number of viewers. Further, these designs act as an excellent introduction to the brand and its products.

24/7 Customer Service is a must:

In a globalized world, online shopping sites with limited contact hours will minimize customers' visit. Adding a pop-up chat window embedded to a website, enhances the trust of a brand and increases the traffic. This also makes round the clock communication between customer and retailer easier and more efficient.

Connect with Customers through Social Media:

In the past few years, social media advertising proved to be ineffective due to its failure to bring about effective conversion. However, with new developments like Facebook's Dynamic Product Ads, online retailers have a lot of powerful new options.

The world of e-commerce is always changing, so ensure you start experimenting with some of these latest strategies early to put your business ahead of the curve.  Don't know how to get your online business started? Leave it to the experts!

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