Tuesday 30 March 2021

Importance of Having an Ecommerce Solution for Your Website

Be honest with yourself! How many times did you make a purchase online on an eCommerce site? You can't say a Nay if you are living in the digitized world! 

The need for eCommerce websites has skyrocketed! People love shopping online. Relaxing on your sofa and sailing through an eCommerce website, landing on the required product, paying the bill online, Guess what? You just made a purchase swiftly, relaxed and in no time!

The comfort these eCommerce websites have at their end has increased the number of consumers.  

If you are thinking about an eCommerce solution of a website, this article can be an eye-opener. Follow the article closely for extensive understanding.

What is a Complete eCommerce Solution?

A complete eCommerce solution is a platform where a shop owner can buy and sell his products online.

But a complete eCommerce solution can meet many other features exceeding your expectations.

The complete eCommerce solutions are broadly classified into 

  • Front-end Features 

  • Back-end Features

Front-end Features

The User interface is the front-end feature of the eCommerce solution. Your customers directly interact with the features of the website. Simply, it is the communication between humans and machines. Some of the front-end features are:

  • Customer-login

  • Search Bar

  • Shopping cart

  • Product Lists

  • Product Pages

  • Recommendations

  • Personalized items

  • Product Builders

and there are many more features that fall under the category of the front-end features. Be sure to include these features on your eCommerce website.

Back-end Features

Precisely, back-end features are the coding that runs your website. When a client clicks on a button, its the back-end feature that pops up/ land on the requested page. Some of the back-end features are,

  • Dashboard

  • Product Database

  • Payment processing

  • Administration Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Sitemap

  • Store Management

Consider adding up these back-end features for a satisfactory customer-driven experience.

Is eCommerce right for you?

Deciding whether to go for an eCommerce website needs more groundwork than you could imagine. So, you have a certain amount of knowledge in what is a complete eCommerce website. 

Still, you can look out to your business environment to take up the decision. Ask these three questions to you

#1 Do your competitors own a full eCommerce solution for their website?

#2 Do you sell a range of products and want to meet a multitude of people to sell your products?

#3 Have you received many requests and feedbacks for facilitating online purchases?

At the end of these three questions, if you are nodding yes for all three, without any further ado, consider going for an eCommerce.

Signs eCommerce is not the right option for you!

Even though, eCommerce solutions for a business might be the need of the hour! But, still choosing whether to go with one depends on the type of business you own.

There are businesses, you can run without a complete eCommerce solution, choosing it wisely can save your money! 

If you offer customized business services and solutions, then the eCommerce website design is not a good fit for you.

Not interested in a Full eCommerce Solution?

Businesses grow every day in a wide-range. Locating where you fall lies the essence of going for a complete eCommerce solution. There are businesses that do not need a complete eCommerce solution.

Ask your eCommerce developer to work on the requirements of your business. Based on your requirements you can design your website and provide it with the required solutions you and your customers need.


With the growth of the latest technologies and advancement, the need for eCommerce solutions for websites is always there! But, before rushing to one! Doing small research on how the eCommerce platform can benefit your customers, and do your business really need an eCommerce solution can help you land on the better decision!

By all means, if your website needs eCommerce solutions to support, and if you are looking for the best eCommerce development company in Malaysia, reach out to Openwave. Openwave is the leading Malaysian software solution provider with hundreds of satisfactory over a decade! Call us today for a free quote!

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