Friday 8 December 2017

5 New and Exciting features of Joomla 4

The promoters of Joomla have given the global community an early holiday present! Joomla 4 alpha has been launched and the finished version of the platform will be out on the market soon. The announcement was made at a developer conference on the 17th of November much to the delight of the audience.

With the latest version of this acclaimed CMS platform expected to hit the market soon, let us try and understand what exciting features will make their debut along with it:

Bootstrap 4 Integration: Bootstrap, the popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework, is crucial for building responsive, mobile-compatible web applications. Joomla 4 will be compatible with the latest Bootstrap version, also known as Bootstrap 4. This will aid in building mobile-first applications.

Page loading times: The emphasis is on improving the page loading times. Joomla 4 makes this possible with an improvement in coding quality. It also introduces Dependency Injection Containers to replace JFactory. All of this boosts page loading times.

SEO capability: Joomla 4 will see a host of new features and tools that are aimed at improving SEO. It can be expected to debut with improvements such as Schema markup integration for most page types, better heading structure, metadata fields, redirection etc, which will lead to improved SEO performance.

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Back-end UI: With an aim to aid the new generation of developers and novice web designers, the user interface at the admin end migrates away from a legacy design and adopts a more intuitive and user-friendly approach with features such as buttons and drag-and-drop.

Media management: With an aim to make media integration easier, Joomla 4 is expected to develop a fresh media manager that emulates the experience of desktop file management. An intuitive folder management system with a high degree of customizability makes media management highly effective.

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