Thursday 17 May 2018

5 reasons why your users could be uninstalling your app

Got a mobile application and wanting not to have it fizz off from the mobile phones and the frenzy of customers in time? Here are the key reasons which drive mobile users to take the harsh step of uninstalling most mobile applications in time.

Repetitive content

Content that is boring, plainly laid out text and not engaging is what turns off most users from mobile applications and drives them to uninstall these in most situations. 

Lack of flow

The last thing needed in your mobile application is that it is stuck on a single page and the users are not able to traverse it and explore the various functionalities which the mobile application offers. This is what drives a great level of disinterest for users.

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Extensive storage needs

Today it is all about being compact and precise and when it comes to mobile applications too, no smartphone user likes to have their internal phone memory being clogged by a heavy storage application. The heavy storage also makes the application bulky and harder to use smoothly.

Irritating and intrusive advertising

Although including advertisements in your mobile application is a great way to monetize it and earn from them, but over-doing it can surely bring in counter benefits. No user wants to be intoxicated with intrusive advertisements, which can considerably bring down the customer experience.

Annoying notifications

While push notifications are a great way to grab user attention and target them with personalized content, overdo it and you risk losing them forever. Use the feature moderately instead of bombarding them with notifications on frequent intervals.

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