Wednesday 31 January 2018

4 promising WordPress trends that will rule 2018

As the internet becomes the de facto platform for business operations and services across the globe, the reliance on content management systems to develop rich websites is only bound to grow higher. Today, the most popular CMS platform WordPress is powering websites that run into the hundreds of thousands and has come to define internet trends all over the globe. If you run a website that is powered by WordPress, then it would serve your interests to be aware of all the emerging trends in the year 2018.

The following WordPress trends are expected to rule the market this year:

Drag-and-drop themes: WordPress has worked hard to introduce “Drag-and-Drop” feature for theme customization which makes website designing child’s play. Thanks to this feature, there is no need for web designers to code on their websites. It also allows web designers to add and remove website elements with a mere gesture, thereby making the creation of new web pages effortless.

Video Headers: Today, the preferred header for websites is not graphics or animations but a crisp promotional video that is played in a loop as soon as the website is opened. This serves the dual purpose of promoting the brand right away and also reducing bounce rates. WordPress now allows users to add media content efficiently in any part of the website with its intuitive backend GUI.

Wordpress Trends 2018

VR Plugins: Thanks to VR ready smartphones, the technology of Virtual Reality is no longer futuristic tech. It is very much a part of the contemporary scheme of things where businesses are exploring VR tech to promote unique offerings. VR-enabled websites that showcase the entire web page in 360-degree format is likely to become commonplace.

Parallax Design: Parallax designs are the trend on the internet now. The optical illusion which is created by deliberately slowing down the background with respect to the foreground imagery creates a sense of depth that is highly alluring. Customized themes that can incorporate this effect are being developed by developers and are likely to make this an easy-to-build and yet effective feature.

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