Wednesday 14 February 2018

Here’s why you should integrate Dynamics CRM with SharePoint

Businesses across the globe are always in dire need of a good CRM website - one that brings all their processes and activities under a single window and makes it easy to manage all the business activities. The world’s most prominent software - Dynamics CRM- helps achieve this. With its diverse features and exceptional capacity, it is used by hundreds, if not thousands of businesses across the globe.

Integrating Dynamics CRM with SharePoint is likely to take its performance up a few notches and improve the efficiency of the CRM. In addition to the boosted efficiency, businesses can enjoy the following benefits:

Collaborative Management of Documents: SharePoint is used by several businesses for managing a variety of documents such as contacts, accounts, and files. Integrating with SharePoint will make collaboration easier and thereby simplify document sharing, updating, and management.

Improved Team Collaboration:  Team collaboration can be boosted by opting for integration. Thanks to a centralized and robust document management system, businesses can store all their documentation in a single location, the access to which can be regulated. This makes file retrieval and sharing easy.

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Robust Data Security by limiting access:  The integration of the platform makes it easy for users to edit, share, and view the documents on the same platform. This also makes it easy to share critical content such as marketing campaigns, sale quotes, and case studies between different departments without compromising on security.

Out-of-the-Box Customization:  Customer facing content such as FAQs, User Manuals, and technical documentation can be directly linked to a public domain from the CRM and the access can be regulated. This makes it easy to deliver personalized content to customers.

Better Coverage & Increased ROI: Customers can be served in an effective and cost-efficient manner. By streamlining information transfer between the different teams, clients can be attended to in a faster manner and better ROI can be generated

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