Sunday 21 January 2018

Lookout for these 5 features in a WordPress Woocommerce plugin

Are you an eCommerce player? Do you own an online shopping cart? Then your website is likely to be built on WordPress with an eCommerce plugin. And the most popular plugin for WordPress websites is Woocommerce which has been employed by thousands of business across the globe to power their shopping carts.

Here are some of the critical features it offers that make it stand out from the rest:

Free and Open source: It is an open source platform that is supported thousands of developers across the globe. This allows means that the platform is effectively free without any license fee required for usage. This makes it highly lucrative for small startups and SMEs who are foraying into eCommerce.

Secure Framework: It offers a high level of security thanks to constant upgrades from its makers, Automattic. The developers also monitor the codebase to identify vulnerabilities and fix the bugs. This ensures consistent performance.

Analytics: It incorporates inbuilt analytics that makes it easy to keep track of individual user activity on the website. The same can be used to gain insights into customer behavior. Popular analytics solutions such as Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, and Heatmaps integrate easily with Woocommerce.

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Customizable: The platform offers a high level of flexibility which helps retailers customize their stores to suit their business needs. This can be witnessed by the fact that the stores can be segregated extensively and products of different categories can be accommodated in a manner that is easily searchable.

Optimized for digital marketing: The platform offers a considerable number of tools that aid in making it easy for digital marketers to boost the visibility of the site. It has several SEO-optimized functions that boost its search engine ranking.

Looking to take up online commerce? Power your shopping cart with a robust Woocommerce plugin and turn in better revenues. Enlist the services of dedicated Woocommerce developers such as Openwave and build an eCommerce solution of your choice.

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