Thursday 2 November 2017

7 Inspired Marketing Ideas that Will boost your Revenues this Holiday Season

Did you know that many eCommerce merchants make over 40% of their yearly revenue during the holiday season? A lot more people buy when Christmas comes around ever year, allowing businesses to make big profits – but only if they play their cards right.

Competition to attract online is expected to be high this year. Do you think your small business can go head-to-head with your competitors?

Here are some amazingly effective marketing ideas that can help you attract more online traffic and gain more revenue:

Redesign to spread the Christmas cheer

By getting your website to embrace the holiday spirit, you put customers into a festive mood and get them to look forward to buying from you during the holiday season. You can build a new landing page, use cheerful colors on your site, and change your logo to make your website look attractive.

Cater to mobile users 
By providing a smooth, omnichannel experience, you make your website much more accessible, especially to mobile users. By streamlining the checkout process and optimizing your site, you make it load faster on mobile devices.


Make sure you can handle increased demand
Are your servers and your inventory capable of handling increased demands placed on them by holiday shoppers? If your website goes down or you run out of popular products, your business is going to take a big hit. Make sure you can cope with increased demand for maximum revenue. 

Be helpful by creating a holiday gift guide

A holiday gift guide that helps customers know what to get for Christmas for their family and loved ones will not only be very useful, but it will also help you market your products and services in a very effective manner. 

Email marketing is a big money-spinner

Research tells us that in 2016, email marketing drove 20% of all holiday sales. You can take advantage of it to drive increased traffic your way this Christmas, though you need to make it unique to stand out from the rest. You can offer exclusive offers, for example, to get customers interested. 

Leverage the power of social media 

Buyers these days are very discerning – they read reviews about products before purchasing them. With social media, you can publish positive reviews about your products to build a better image about them, and also get access to a large user base. 

Don’t forget to plan for next year

Your work isn’t done with your holiday campaign: you can make money well into January and indeed all the year round by using remarketing techniques and targeting customers who bought from you with exclusive, targeted offers. 

With these marketing tips, your business revenue is all set to soar! If you’re still unsure on deploying an effective strategy, our expert developers can help.

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