Thursday 26 October 2017

How can businesses leverage social media to boost their sales?

This is the age of Social Media. With more than a billion users that throng the walls of Facebook and Instagram, Social Media is the new frontier as far as digital marketing is concerned. With users having the luxury to share their likes and dislikes, eCommerce websites and businesses have a real advantage when it comes to knowing more about their customers to serve them better. 

For online shopping companies that are looking to make the best out of social media, a well-drawn plan is crucial if they are looking to make better returns on their marketing spends and reduce their customer acquisition costs.

Here are a few strategies that can be used to derive better results using social media:

Post consistently:

“Out of sight, Out of mind.” This applies quite aptly in the domain of social media. For businesses that are looking to increase engagement with their target audience and customers, they should offer them something to engage with. By posting content that can be useful to their followers; social media pages can increase engagement in terms of comments and shares. 

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Use pictures while posting on Facebook:

The Facebook feed is an endless scroll of information ranging from cat videos to sponsored content. For your posts to garner more attention, always add a relevant poster, infographic or photos with your posts. This increases the probability of the audience stumbling on the post and clicking on the redirect links.

Use a “Call to Action” in all posts

By using a “Call to Action,” businesses can encourage their target audience or customers to check out their websites or try a demo of their products. This help businesses generate more leads and understand more about the segment of the audience that has been responding to their posts. Such valuable information can often be handy for eCommerce websites.

Aspire for a successful campaign

Word of mouth still has great relevance in marketing as it is still the only form of marketing where average conversion rates are quite high. Hence, eCommerce websites should focus on promoting their products in a manner that does not require any bought and paid for customers. 

The best way to accomplish this is to hire eCommerce experts who can help devise creative ad campaigns that have the potential to go viral.

For online shopping companies looking to incorporate the aforementioned suggestions on their websites, the best way to go forward is to hire eCommerce developers who hold expertise in the markets. Choose Openwave, a reputed eCommerce Development Company in Malaysia.

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