Monday 13 June 2016

Top Question to be Answered by Startups Before Building a Mobile App

The wheels of technology never fail to stop turning towards development. With the increasing need for a virtually connected world, smart devices have come to play a crucial role in our lives. Considering the growing need for a smart world, entrepreneurs are all set to brand their business by building their personalized mobile apps. While this is a positive sign that shows that they are keeping up with the trends, there are a few elements that the startups ignore before building their app. Here are the top 3 questions that startups have to ask before building their app: 
1. What is the purpose? 
It is true that mobile apps are in vogue these days, and successful organizations have reported a considerable growth in their business after launching their business app. But the question is, why are YOU doing it? Money and publicity cannot act as the sole driving force. Your actions have consequences. If you don’t have the passion for maintaining your business app and for tackling the challenges that come along with it, then your intentions towards building an app aren't right. Wealth and fame are secondary factors, passion and dedication come first. 
2. How much will my App cost? 
Just as curiosity kills the cat, faulty budgeting by enthusiastic startups for building an app has been found to ruin businesses. Don’t overvalue or undervalue the budget before building your app; keep it realistic. The quality of your app depends on the money you pay for it. Apart from the amount it would take for the developers to build your business app, you also need a substantial amount to market your app. Ensure that you have enough money to satisfy the financial requirements. If not, start looking for investors. A striking business and branding plan can help you attract investors.

3. What is so unique about your app?

The introduction of a plethora of smart devices has multiplied the demand for mobile apps. With the app stores filled with millions of applications to satiate the growing hunger of Smartphone users, there's a high chance that your app may never get noticed. What is so unique about your app that will make your users download it at the first glance? Ensure you establish a set of unique features to your app and offer a striking functionality. To stand out is the only way to stay ahead of the game. 

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