Wednesday 8 June 2016

5 Awesome Cross Platform Tools for Mobile App Developers

Mobile app developers often spend most of their time figuring out the right OS for which they should develop their application. IOS, Windows, and Android are a few platforms that are most popular. In order to reap the utmost benefit and reach out to more people, it is unwise to build an app that targets only a particular platform. The best solution is to create a multi-platform application- an app which can be accessed in varying operating systems.

While not everyone is adept at building cross-platform apps, these top cross-platform tools will certainly make your job easier:

1. Appcelerator

Appcelerator is the favorite of developers. This platform works perfectly for developing native apps for mobile, desktop, and the web by using simple coding languages such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and HTML. One of the best offerings of Appcelerator is its virtual private cloud option which allows you to deal well with sensitive information. A few other features of this tool are performance management, analytics, and rooted infrastructure.

2. PhoneGap

PhoneGap was the winning pitch in the year 2009 at Web 2.0 Expo held in San Francisco. This tool allows you to build mobile applications that would work seamlessly on Android, IOS, Blackberry, Symbian and Palm. You can develop your apps using web development languages such as Java, HTML, etc. The company also offers a cross-platform simulator and beneficial training sessions.

3. MoSync

This development tool is a highly appreciated one due to its ease of usability. MoSync is an advanced cross-platform tool with using conventional technologies that are imperative to building an excellent app. One of the biggest advantages of this tool is that you can develop your app using development languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, etc. and the native apps can be easily accessed in Android, IOS, Symbian, Windows and other devices.

4. RhoMobile

RhoMobile is a platform developed based on Ruby and assists in developing native apps for Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, RIM, and IOS. The platform is smooth to use for amateur app developers and has an excellent set of add-on features reserved for its users, which will give the developer an added advantage.

5. Widgetpad

Widgetpad is an open source cross-platform tool that is now in its private beta stage. It uses web technologies such HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Some of the offerings of this tool are project management, source code editing, debugging, distribution, versioning, and collaboration.

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