Monday 29 June 2020

Top 5 E-commerce Strategies You Have to Be Doing Post-Coronavirus Lockdown

The coronavirus outbreak has turned the world upside down. Many business owners have lost their businesses and looking for a trace to arise and shine again.
There are still businesses that have seen a hike and increased their sales funnel successfully having their businesses established online.

Here are some tips and strategies you can follow after the COVID-19 lockdown.

Stay Connected With Your Customers

Put all efforts to stay connected with your customers. Keep them knowing you are still for them following all security measures and every employee is following the regulations that are to be followed. Send them emails, and be regular in posting on a different social media platform.

Coupons and Gift Cards

Many services like beauty salons, restaurants, and travel agencies are going through a serious phase of their business lifeline. Promoting your business with coupons and gift cards will attract customers and will help you get through the situation until everything settles down right.

Live Streaming

Doctors, therapists, tutors, and many other service providers are live streaming to connect with their clients. If you own a service that can solve people’s queries online, go on a live stream. Let people connect you and tell them your queries, and solve them online.

Waive Off Shipping Fee

Customers now don’t stick to a certain online store. They have a list of eCommerce stores they are a big fan. To attract huge business crowd towards your business, waive off the shipping fee. Customers shop online to save money! Better understand the situation to be more productive!

Help locals and go global!

One brilliant way to boost your business is to hire local laborers to work for you. Local workers can simplify the tasks by reaching the client's place and also you are bringing food to someone during the quarantine as well.


Let’s clearly understand the world is for the survival of the fittest. We have to make efforts and become more flexible to sustain and prosper amid these natural disasters and challenges! Openwave is one of the best e-commerce solution providers in Malaysia! Drop us a line to talk to our experts! We would be happy to help you.

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