Thursday 6 February 2020

How To Grow Your Shopify Sales With A Mobile App

Ecommerce is a great field to venture into and make profits in. With the right platform for your website and backed by good marketing, you can take your business to success in no time. Shopify is one of the leading platforms for eCommerce website creation and is used by thousands of businesses. The ease of use it provides is perfect for new ventures! But a website alone won’t do you any good. The trick to growing a business online is with a mobile app.

Shopify App Development

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages a mobile app provides to your business:
1. Push Notifications: Push notifications help you connect with a customer personally. These notifications end up in the phone’s notification tray, making sure that they reach the customer!
2. Multiple Payment Options: By integrating a variety of payment methods, your customers will have the much-needed payment flexibility. 
3. Loyalty Benefits: For recurring customers, it is necessary to reward them with loyalty offers! Having a mobile app will let you customize each interaction you have with your various users. 
4. Swift Purchasing: A typical purchase will take a lot of time, from going through the products to entering the payment gateway. Shorten it by enabling a one-click purchase on the mobile app!
5. Have A Referral Program: With a referral program, growing your customer-base will happen swiftly. One customer refers another and the cycle carries on, letting you scale your business.
6. Location-Based Targeting: Targeting your customers based on their location will help with both growing your reach and improving your revenue.
7. Personalize Customer Experience: One of the biggest advantages of a mobile app is it gives customers a more personal feel to their shopping experience. 
8. Make Shopping Convenient: Instead of going out and shuffling through shops, customers can find what they want from a single app!
9. Better Customer Service: Raising complaints and other requests is easier on an app than when shopping for a product physically.
10. Product Demo: From pictures to videos, there is a variety of ways in which you can display and catalog your products on a mobile app.

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  4. Brilliant post! These trends certainly accelerate the app development process. one of my colleagues recently resigned & started his own event management company. He even built a mobile booking app to tap into the market & improve leads as well as sales.