Monday 17 February 2020

Django, The Best Python Framework For Web Development In 2020

From startups to global goliaths like FaceBook, prefer Django, a Python web framework for back-end web development. It is a fast, secure, versatile, and scalable framework loved by developers around the globe. Without further ado let's dive deep into the topic.

What is Django?

Django is a free, open-source high-level Python framework. Created to ease the task of creating a complex website, Django is widely used for building simple and complex applications.

Best known for its simplicity and robust nature, this Python web development framework is also used to craft cross-platform web applications.

This incredible web framework is a tough nut to crack for novice but extensively used by seasoned programmers.

Django Web Development
5 Extraordinary Reasons to Choose Django for 2020:
Miraculous Speed
Django web framework allows you to develop back-end applications and complete them with outstanding speed. It takes minimal coding to complete a project, so you can complete the project before the time span.
Framework of Python
Python is a free, open-source, high-level, and general-purpose programming language. Python application development is known for its simpler syntax and readability. It has many libraries and tools that can facilitate you to build wonderful applications beforehand.
A Framework with Best Features
The framework has so many tools, libraries, and add-ons that are used to develop applications swiftly. Django is easily understandable due to its simple syntax and readability. You can build beautiful mobile and web applications with ease in no time with these features.
Scalability and Security
Django is a robust, scalable and authenticates web framework. The CSS protection, SQL injection protection, cross-site protection and a lot more security systems make the web framework highly authenticate.
Open Source
Django has a great open-source community. The web framework supports a range of open-source libraries. The libraries offer long-term support for you to develop applications. This is the best cost-effective web framework if you are on a budget project.
Used by Gargantuan Businesses
Django web framework is broadly used by business Goliaths like Netflix, YouTube, FaceBook, Google, Uber, Instagram, Disqus, Pinterest, Mozilla and many other great companies that use Django to build their back-end applications.
Advantages of Django Web Framework
  • Django is a free, open-source framework.
  • The framework is simple and easily understandable.
  • Highly versatile, robust, scalable and flexible for developing mobile and web applications.
  • The framework has a simple MVC model that allows you to build beautiful products.
  • It is used to develop GIS-based applications.
  • Django is actively used by a large community.
  • The web framework simplifies the process of developing an application with new plug-ins and updated libraries.


Django is a great web framework to develop simple and complex applications. Due to its flexibility, it is extensively used by large and small companies throughout. If you are on the lookout of passionate and seasoned Django Web Developers in Malaysia reach out to us. Openwave is a professional Django web development company that offers avant-garde solutions. Act now for a free consultation!

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