Monday 13 November 2017

5 essential upgrades that eCommerce can bring to your retail business

The transition from offline retail to online retail is one exercise that most traditional players are apprehensive of. But as time shows, people who display inertia towards emerging trends are the ones who usually get left behind and go out of relevance. So, several traditional brick-and-mortar retail chains are embracing the eCommerce business model, albeit reluctantly. 

However, what such players fail to realize is the fact that eCommerce can go a long way in streamlining their sales and give them a better bang for the buck in term of RoI.

The following features that are common to all eCommerce sites offer them a great edge over the traditional model:

Site Search: This is the most useful functionality that is desired by all consumers. By being able to search for what they want, businesses provide consumers with the luxury of options, which they relish. Having a site search features that turns up a healthy mix of results can drive traffic and lead to more sales.

Inventory Management: Inventory management is a critical aspect of all retail businesses. Building an inventory management feature that is capable of keeping track of orders is essential. Updating the availability stocks after the completion of each order can help businesses plan for a rise in demand and stock their warehouses accordingly.

Vendor Management: While inventory management helps keep track of products that are going out, vendor management tracks products that are coming in. This helps in streamlining the ordering process and makes reordering of products easier. Such functionality is useful for businesses as it can help them maintain sufficient stocks ahead of demand.

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Cart Abandonment: Studies show that 77% of shoppers abandon their carts before checkout. Catering to this customer segment and convincing them to complete their checkout can lead to a significant boost in revenues. An automated tool that indicates cart abandonment can help businesses greatly.

Live Chat: This ranks as the most crucial feature that is offered by eCommerce sites. Live chat feature helps customers seek redressal in real-time and get their issues sorted. This is helpful for businesses to as it helps build customer loyalty and reduce the impact of poaching by other websites.

Implementing these features while building an online shopping cart is crucial for offering a hassle-free shopping experience for customers. If you are a business looking to transition from offline sales to online sales, the team at Openwave can help by catering to all your website needs. 

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