Wednesday 16 August 2017

Drupal commerce: The best platform for eCommerce web development

When it comes to content management systems, Drupal CMS remains the undisputed mogul, thanks to its outstanding functionality and the ease of use it offers. So, how is that relevant to eCommerce? When setting up a store, you don’t just need a medium to put your products on and sell it to an audience. What you need is a platform where you can keep refreshing your content, add products, interact with customers and provide a superior, enriched and interactive user experience. 

That’s where Drupal Commerce, a solution that merges commerce with content management, comes in and proves itself the best fit for retailers.

Still not convinced? Explore these amazing advantages of Drupal Commerce and know why it’s the best choice to build your eCommerce store:

1) Content with Commerce

Content is the key to driving online sales, and the platform manages to effortlessly combine content with eCommerce to provide enhanced user experiences and build better relationships with customers.

2) Mobile responsive

Smartphone use has witnessed a spike in recent times with customers using these handheld devices to shop online. The mobile responsiveness of Drupal’s platform makes it easy to target both desktop and mobile users.

3) Low maintenance

It is an integrated platform, which means it’s the only thing you’ll need to manage your eCommerce store. From SEO, CRO to analytics, it incorporates everything, proving itself easy to maintain and handle.

Drupal Website development

4) Can be scaled up

Online retailers generally start small and scale up with increased business growth. Drupal Commerce supports it and can handle large volumes of sales and product catalogs.

5) Feature-rich and functional

Built on the Drupal 8, the platform offers a host of features to impart advanced functionality to the site. From custom checkouts to multiple payment options to dynamic product displays, you get everything you need in one place.

6) Socially connected

Without building a social network, it might not be possible to grow your business. Drupal Commerce allows easy integration with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social channels to reach out to more customers.

7) Unlimited expandability

It’s not just the powerhouse of in-built features provided that makes the platform so special. It also allows seamless third party integration with software, payment gateways, accounting apps, plugins and more.

Build your eCommerce store on the right platform – choose Drupal website development today! Don’t know how to proceed with it? Reach out to expert Drupal developers in Malaysia and leave the technical complexity of building the store to them!

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