Wednesday 21 December 2016

The ExpressionEngine CMS Can help you Build an Amazing Business Website

Having a business website to cater to customers, or just an impressive front for your brand is no longer optional. Firms that are building a website for the first time have to choose the right CMS, as it will determine how accessible their site is, how much it costs to maintain, how search-engine friendly it is, and – perhaps most importantly – how much revenue it can generate.

While many companies prefer to use WordPress, we don’t always recommend it. Why? WordPress was originally a blogging platform and, as a result, has limited customization options, even if it has so many plugins. WordPress also has had major security vulnerabilities over the years. The ExpressionEngine CMS, on the other hand, can make you a beautiful, high-performing, secure website, because it has:

Plethora of uses

Web sites on the platform have very few restrictions. They can be highly customised and made to look very attractive. They can also host content of many forms, including blogs, content pages, videos, RSS feeds, emails, galleries, wikis, and forums.  

Newbie-friendly interface

You don’t have to be a developer to publish content on a site made by ExpressionEngine. You can authorise access to employees via member groups. Website maintenance and publishing is made simple by Control Panels.

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Revolutionary features

Sites designed on the platform get access to a large number of advanced extensions, including custom notifications, newsletter, emails, and RSS feeds. You are assured of high SEO that guarantees a lot of incoming traffic.

Professional support

There is an extensive network of professional developers backing the platform, so you can get your questions answered in quick time. They offer a paid support option, too, and the platform documentation is readily available.

Top-of-the-line security 

It has been in business for close to 11 years, now, and never had a noteworthy security problem in all that time. Your business information – including your customers’ credit card details – will be very safe on it.

ExpressionEngine, in the hands of the right CMS development team, can make your business a magical website. Make sure your developers have experience with the platform before you begin construction for best results.

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