Tuesday 20 December 2016

Best Payment Getaways to Use for Accepting Payments on Your Website

A lot more customers prefer to shop and pay online for services and products because they don’t have time to visit in person or simply because it’s more convenient for them. Businesses are, as a result, increasingly offering online payment options on their websites. If you have decided to accept online payments, it’s a good decision and you won’t regret it. The hard part, though, is choosing the right payment getaway to integrate into your website.

Choosing the best payment getaway

Payment getaways are third-party services that accept payments on your behalf and transfer them to your bank account. While choosing one, you need to be aware of several important factors, like the kind of cards they accept, the transaction fees they charge, whether they offer multi-currency support, and the like. To help you make the best choice, here are some of the most trustworthy – and popular – payment getaways that you can rely on to accept payments on your behalf:


PayPal is a globally recognized service. While it is somewhat expensive (they charge you a 3.4% + $0.3 USD per transaction fee) you get a very safe, reliable service that takes care of your business’ and your customers’ best interests. All you need is a merchant account on their website to get started. 

Online payment Portal in Malaysia


BluePay is unique in that it offers services customized to the type of business you’re running. You will get a unique service if you’re an enterprise head, a nonprofit, or a restaurant owner. If you’re not the usual sort of business, BluePay is perfect for you. 


The USP of Stripe is that the service doesn’t ask for monthly upkeep costs. You only have to pay if someone buys from you. If your website is struggling to convert and you want to keep maintenance costs down, you can use Stripe. It isn’t mobile-friendly, though. 

Once you’ve made your choice, you need to integrate the API into your website or blog. By doing it right, you can boost visitor confidence in your site and make them more willing to share their credit card info with you. If you’re not good with coding – or need more help choosing a payment getaway – you can hire professionals for the job. 

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