Thursday 29 December 2016

Important Information to Keep in Mind While Building a Custom Website

WordPress is used by many of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world, like Sony, Public Storage Canada, and Logitech. It is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world and a perfect platform for a business website, as it lets you build dynamic websites that look great and don’t require a lot of monthly upkeep.

If you're planning on building your first WordPress website, here are some crucial pointers that will help you create an excellent one:

Choose quality themes

There are thousands of free WordPress themes you can choose from for your website, some more suited for business than others. Choose a high-quality theme that looks cheerful and has advanced features.

Pick a managed host server

Always pick a host server that provides regular updates and also can keep a backup copy of your website ready. Otherwise, you will have to update your site manually.

Plugins matter

Plugins on WordPress is software that helps you add useful functions to your site. Using too many plugins, though, can slow your site down. Only pick the ones you need.

Optimise your site layout

Every website must be easy to use. Your business information and contact details should always be clearly visible to visitors. Also, they must be able to get around your site with a minimum number of clicks.

Make it mobile-friendly

Your new website will get a large amount of traffic from mobile devices. Pick a responsive theme, so that your site displays correctly on small-screen devices.

Wordpress website development

High security is needed

WordPress websites are secure by default, but if you want to monetize your site and store customer information, you need to make it even more secure. You can use plugins or hire developers to help you with that.

Search engine optimization

Finally, you need to optimise your site so that it features high on search engine rankings and more people visit it. You can use SEO plugins, like the Yoast plugin, for that.  

WordPress websites are easy to build. However, quality ones are much more challenging. If you want a high-performance business Wordpress website development built for you, Openwave can make you one.

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