Thursday 3 November 2016

Make it Safer for Customers to Make Purchases on Your Website

So do you have a well-designed web store ready for deployment? It’s not enough to have a beautiful web store with plenty of features – your customers need to feel secure while making purchases from you online. Cart abandonments are very common, and often the culprit is the payment process itself. 

Here are some ways to make the purchase process much easier for customers:

A large number of login options

Some customers will feel more secure if you give them an option of creating an account on your website where they can store their purchase information. Others, though, may feel more secure if you allow them to make purchases without making an account. Always have multiple login options available to get more business. 

Integrated payment portal

Linking to a third-party portal like PayPal doesn’t make sense if you’re a small business. Also, having your customers navigate to another page can ruin their experience and can make it harder for them to trust your business. Integrating a payment portal solves this problem. 

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Security seals and visible credit card logos

Easily visible security certificates, like the SSL certificate, as well as visible credit card logos, go a long way towards making visitors feel safe to make purchases from you. Always ensure that your website is up to date with the latest technology to make it as secure as possible. 

Easily accessible checkout button 

The checkout button has to be easily accessible and visible at all times – nobody wants to spend time searching for it everywhere.

A confirmation page to help customers avoid mistakes 

Sometimes customers end up buying what they don’t want or buy two of the same items. A confirmation page that pops up before the final payment is made will help customers to avoid mistakes.

A return and refund policy

Customers are more likely to purchase an item if you have a clear return and refund policy. It promotes confidence in customers and lets them know you stand behind your products.

Don’t know how to integrate a payment portal into your small business website? You can hire a professional website developer to do it for you, as well as to take a look at your website and make tweaks that make it more attractive for customers.

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