Wednesday 23 November 2016

Here’s what you should keep in Mind While Building your Mobile App

App downloads on the Apple’s store crossed the 160 billion mark recently, and we’re likely to see a two hundred percent increase in app downloads over the next four years. Clearly, mobile apps are very popular at the moment and are only going to get more so. As a startup, this is the perfect time to make a mobile app for your business and take advantage of the mobile phenomenon.

To help make the process easier, here are some factors you should keep in mind while building your mobile app:

Do you know what your app is going to do?

Can you answer this question? If you’re taking too long to answer it, chances are you need to take a closer look at why you’re building a mobile app. Apps are supposed to provide a useful or unique service to customers and make life easier for them. Keep a clear goal in mind before starting work on it.

Adapt it to different screen sizes

You need to remember that people will use apps on smartphones as well as tablets, with big differences in screen sizes. Your app has to be accessible and look good on a variety of screen sizes. Also, communication apps tend to work better on smartphones and shopping apps on tablets.

Mobile app development

Do your developers know what they are doing?

If you’ve hired a development team, make sure they have experience in building apps. Some people hire developers who have experience building apps on Android but not iOS and ask them to build iOS apps, which sometimes end badly.

Use analytics tools to modify your app

You need to use analytics tools to find out how customers are using your app and make changes to it accordingly.

Promote your app as much as possible

Making an app is only the first step of the process – people need to know your app exists if you want them to download it. You need to spend some serious time promoting and marketing your app.

There are some app builders you can use for creating your app. However, it won’t be as polished compared to getting professional developers in Malaysia to do it for you.

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