Tuesday 9 August 2016

What To Expect From The Newest Wordpress Version 4.6

The buzz surrounding the WordPress 4.6 release is at an all-time high. Slated for release on August 16, 2016, expectations are running high for ardent users of the world’s largest self-hosted blogging tool. While some of the features on the beta version of 4.6 might not make it into the final cut, a look into some of the stand-out features of the new release will give you an insight into what the hype is all about:

1) Enhanced Autosave

The editor has received a major update with improvements made to the disaster recovery mode. At present, the editor fails to detect when a save operation has failed which leads to considerable loss of valuable information. With this update, quick restoration of posts from backups and autosave is possible.

2) Shiny Updates

Quicker updates of plug-ins and extensions are possible with this new feature. Instead of being redirected to the progress page, Shiny Updates makes updating and downloading a hassle-free process.

3) Native fonts for WordPress Admin

The earlier versions of WordPress used the Open Sans font to achieve a similar look across varied platforms and systems. However, this failed to click with everyone because it meant that WordPress had to rely on a third-party source. With WordPress 4.6, the admin area will switch back to using system fonts and will look slightly different on different platforms

4) ‘Spell-check’ for URLs

WordPress 4.6 introduces a broken link checker in the editor that can check if the link is valid as and when you’re typing it, instead of performing a manual check later.

5) Standardized Metadata Registration

With WordPress 4.6, theme and plug-in authors can register metadata (the additional data attached to posts, comments which users interact with) in a standardized way.

With all this and a lot more, WordPress 4.6 is all set to offer users an enhanced UX. Are you excited about the release? 
Make sure you switch to the latest version on August 16, 2016. Get the help of a seasoned WordPress developer today!

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