Tuesday 19 July 2016

5 Best Responsive Joomla Templates of 2016

Once a user stumbles upon your website, it is your utmost responsibility to hold them back. Of course, the show stopper here will be your template. Joomla is one of the most popular content management sites besides WordPress, and the site offers the best deal in regards to their templates. In the year 2016, many templates have entered the market, and web developers are making the best out of them. With a plethora of attractive themes, selecting the best one is undoubtedly difficult. 
The best solution is to experiment with various models and if you do not want to trudge on stormy waters, use a free template which will make the entire process easier. It is a myth often stated that free templates don’t perform as well as the premium ones, sometimes it can be the other way around too. Here are 5 of the best Joomla templates that are trending at the moment:

1. X2- Video

Looking for a responsive template that offers high functionality? Then X2 Video is the right choice for you. X2- Video is a highly responsive template, flat designed and works super quick on all devices. It offers an excellent UX and is bound to increase your traffic. 
2. JSN Dona

JSN Dona is a highly responsive template that doesn’t fail to captivate the users. This free giveaway done by Joomlashine has beautiful features and has layouts which portray political, business, non-profit, religious, and educational ideas. JSN Dona is more of a template for websites that offer a light read with a strong message. 
3. Magazine Joomla 
Truthfully, snail-paced websites are a pure test of patience and can lead to disasters. With Magazine Joomla, one need not worry in the least. This template is the best for blogging and news websites. The responsive, quick-paced and other fabulous features of Magazine Joomla will make you want to opt for this template on any day.
4. Purity III

The name says it all; Purity III is purely hassle free. The template being highly responsive and flexible has become a favorite for all. From professional sites to personal blogs, Purity III can adapt anywhere. With its stunning typography, high compatibility, Purity III is one of the best choices you can make. 
5. JSN Air

If you’re looking for a website that must spell out simplicity, then you should certainly consider this template. JSN Air is elegant, minimalistic, simple and highly responsive. The design is strikingly marvelous, and the configuration is straightforward.

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