Monday 27 July 2020

Important Advantages of Manufacturing Intelligence in Industries

Powerful Advantages of Manufacturing Intelligence in Industries

The biggest boon for today's modern industries is manufacturing intelligence. It is like having an expert, who can guide you in all your steps right from scratch to involving into a business.

Machine Intelligence (MI) is the software that integrates manufacturing operations data for deeper analytics. Storing and processing information from big data analytics compiled from IIoT and other disruptive technologies.

This software gives you the luxury of data reporting, analysis, visual summaries, and more important information that can improve efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing line.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has altered the ways the industries used to function for years. Many industries are pushed to implement work from home processes. Working remotely has increased productivity rates and organizations have started to rethink their way of operations.

In uncertain conditions like the pandemic, moving beyond the limit and no matter what, keeping your business going has become the mantra.

This has given rise to the use of the latest technologies that can connect peers together, discuss the project, decide, and shoot the result.

Manufacturing industries have also moved into the new transition of digital-enabled environments that streamline workflows with minimum human intervention. This ‘new normal’ trend is followed across the globe.

However, eliminating humans in the industrial environment is impossible. With the threat of coronavirus, following precaution measures and social distancing are of high importance.

Predictive maintenance during such situations can help you to detect issues beforehand, to take robust decisions, and save your industry from downtimes.

Advantages of Manufacturing Intelligence

Here is the list of advantages of manufacturing intelligence.

·       Data Aggregation
·       Contextualization
·       Deeper Analysis
·       Alerts and Notifications using Visualization
·       Real-time information for right decision making
·       Database and knowledgebase

Manufacturing intelligence connects the whole factory with sensors, collects information, and stores it on the cloud. With a series of information and data being updated on the software. It functions smarter.

From the factory floor to the customer’s door, the software streamlines end-to-end workflows, increases productivity, performance and cuts down labor costs and increases revenue.

Manufacturing Intelligence software is becoming more prevalent in industries as a process to transform the ways industries are operating.

Wrapping Up!

Implementing Industry 4.0 and adapting to the changes are shooting the industries high. Openwave’s Smart Factory Solutions is an award-winning software integrated with technologies like IoT, IIoT, AI, and more.

The results after incorporating the software are stupendous! Want to manufacture efficiently and flexibly? Get the most optimized software. Call Openwave today for a free live demo, quote, and talk to our experts today!


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