Tuesday 2 June 2020

Uncover The All-New Laravel 7.8 & 7.11

The Launch of Laravel 7.8 & 7.11
 New Features of Laravel 7.8 & 7.11
On 25th April 2020, Laravel released its latest Laravel 7.8 version and the 7.11 version was released around mid-May. What’s new in the version?
  • New Features were added
  • The errors were fixed and
  • Few changes were made
All You Need To Know About Laravel 7.8
The most awaited two new features were added to the updated version. They are
  • takeUntil and
  • takeWhile
  1. For illuminate\routing\redirector, new methods like temporarySignedRoute() and signedRoute() has been included
  2. New features like:
  • Illuminate\Container\ContextualBindingBuilder::giveTagged()
  • exclude_without
  • withoutFragment method and withFragment method are included to Illuminate \Http\RedirectResponse

All You Need To Know About Laravel 7.11
Here come the new features of Laravel 7.11
  1. Increase compatibility with FILTER_FLAG_EMAIL_UNICODE via “email:filter_unicode” in email validator
  2. You can also make use of the new features,
  • Illuminate\Support\Stringable::split()
  • lluminate\Cache\DatabaseStore::add()
  • WhereIntegerNotInRaw() and OrWhereIntegerInRaw() to Illuminate\Database\Query\Builder
  • What has changed in the New Version of Laravel 7.8 and 7.11?
Laravel 7.8
  1. Some of the important features that have been added to the all-new Laravel 7.8 are, 
  2. Warn in Illuminate/Support/Facades/Auth::routes() when laravel/UI is not installed
  3. Auth to each master on Illuminate\Redis\Connections\PhpRedisConnection::flushdb()
  4. Changes in Register opis key so that it is no longer tied to a deferred service provider
  5. Check route: list –columns option case-insensitively
What has been fixed in the latest version?
Laravel 7.8
  1. Compiled route actions without a namespace
  2. Reset select bindings when setting select
Are the two major concerns that are identified in Laravel’s previous iteration have been fixed in this update
Laravel 7.11
These are the fixes in the 7.11 version of Laravel. 
  1. belongsToMany child relationship solving
  2. Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\PendingCommand that do not resolve ‘OutputStyle: : class’ from the container
  3. Boolean - that do not require character options are included
  4. Clear resolve event on Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\Concerns\MocksApplicationServices
The new release of Laravel 7.8 and 7.11 have listened to the queries of developers and resoled many errors and fixed many concerns. Share with us the most loved fixes of the Laravel updates you would love to implement! If you are looking for the best Laravel Web Development Company in Malaysia! Contact Openwave the #1 Laravel based company also reach out to us for hiring certified and professional Laravel developers in Malaysia!

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