Tuesday 10 March 2020

7 Remarkable Principles For Modern Web Application Development

An extensive understanding of seven basic principles is important in web application development. To make your web app loved by everyone and widely used, make a note of these principles and implement them.

Web App Development

Here are the seven principles.

1. Understand Your User Better

It's not about the company, or developers, or the marketing team. It's about the user! This is a fact that many developers and Marketing Analysts fail to understand. To create a beautiful product, you have to develop and design, keeping your user on the mind! Many applications go useless, as they fail to meet the user requirements.

2. Focus On User's Perspective

Neither the technology nor the brand name can make your application a hit! What's the point in developing web applications with the greatest web development trends in 2020, but a normal user couldn't make the most out of the app? Think from the user's perspective. Take into account the user-facing problems to develop a stunning app!

3. Security is Not an Option

Many web applications are adversely affected by Cross-Site Scripting and SQL Injection errors. These errors are not hard to kill errors but this can be easily solved by making adding security features. Developers should no more treat security as an option but a necessity.

4. The Need for App Speed

Google has understood the requirement of users. Who can better understand users than Google does? They have set algorithms based on the loading speed of web applications. Also, users leave a page when it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Make sure to increase the app speed for enhanced user experience.

5. Importance of Architecture

Your users have majorly nothing to do with architecture. But, in the long-run, the importance of architecture will be evident! So, make sure to craft applications with neat and clear architecture.

6. Know Your Necessity

Anything that appears on the internet is subjected to change. Staying on the current trend and technology is important but knows what is essential for your web application. As a web developer, you just need to focus on the necessities that can help to accept changes in the future. 

7. Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Technology at times shoots up the question - Is it a boon or a bane? With the constant change in the current trends and advanced technology, one has to constantly keep changing their developing models. Keep your web applications updated and secure it from any vulnerability.

There are many principles you can follow to land on stellar web applications. Follow them according to your business needs to develop a web app!

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