Thursday 27 February 2020

Why Python is Ruling the World of Mobile App development in 2020?

Crucial Role of Python In Mobile App Development in 2020

Globally loved by developers and programmers, not only Python has a great community but an incredible fan base for its easy to understand language, simple to implement and bliss to work on!

This free open-source programming language lets you code programs with fewer lines than PHP. Being the simplest among the programming languages, and vibrant frameworks, Python becomes the best choice to manage database applications.

Python Mobile App Development
The Most Wanted Python Frameworks

Kivy and Beeware are the two most wanted frameworks of 2020 when it comes to mobile app development. Here come a few facts of the frameworks.

1. Kivy

Best-known for developing Android apps, Kivy is a free open source and Python library used for developing mobile applications. Kivy is a cross-platform development framework that can be used to create applications for Linux, Windows, Android, iOS and more!

2. Beeware Project

Beeware Project enhances the feel of the native user interface. As a Python developer, you can use the framework to develop checkboxes, buttons, and many more features to craft mobile applications.

Though Beeware Project comes with an excellent toolkit to develop mobile applications, it is not as popular as Kivy because of the need for error-fixing and lack of features.

Python and Game Apps Development

Python is a great choice for developing game applications. Python lets you design whole game applications or add a few scripts of existing game apps. 

An overview of mobile applications developed using Python Frameworks.

Many gargantuan mobile applications have already created applications based on Python. Here comes the list!

1. Pinterest 

2. Disqus

3. Spotify

4. Dropbox

5. Uber

6. Reddit

7. Netflix

8. Facebook

9. Google

10. IBM

These are the top 10 mobile applications built by most renowned business organizations. 

With these many benefits and being one of the trending programming languages for mobile app development in 2020, if you are in search of the leading Python Development Company in Malaysia, partner up with Openwave today to make your dream into a reality! Call us and get a free quote!

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