Friday 20 July 2018

How To Secure Your Mobile Application's Payment Portal?

Every aspect of our day-to-day life is going online today. From shopping to news, our phones deliver everything at our doorstep. With the advent of the internet and the drastic growth ever since "online" has become a dangerous place! Especially for e-commerce website! It is easy to hack into them and wreak chaos. The same applies for your mobile app; if your payment portals aren't secured enough, breaking in is but a matter of time. This is threatening the world of mobile app development.

Here's why and how you should secure your app's payment gateway:


1) Customer satisfaction: This should be your first priority when you're running a business - online or offline. The first reason you should enhance and secure your app's gateway is so customers feel secure with participating in mobile payment and can rely on it. Not only does this create a good impression and help retain customers, it also brings in more!

2) Branding: Having a grade-A security module installed and having a poorly reviewed one installed has evident differences. The former will do more than just securing your payment portal. This will fortify customer trust and in turn, give you a professional aura.

Online Payment Portal


1) Allowing biometric checks is a great way to start. Replicating this or "stealing" this is impossible. Having a fingerprint or retina scan for a payment gateway might sound like overkill, but it definitely pays off and pays off big! 

2) Having in-app security measures. Secure your app before securing its elements. By introducing security elements for the app, everything within it will become secure automatically. This can be done by having an authentication protocol or a biometric scan on the launch of the app.

3) Partner up with an adept provider. The best way to secure your payment gateway is to seek the help of those who do it best! Several secure payment gateway providers exist like PayPal, Amazon Payments, and Skill. Integrate their measures within your application. 

Never compromise when it comes to payment - they define your app! Hire Openwave's dedicated mobile app developers in Malaysia to secure your business. With our skills at your disposal, your mobile app will be safer than ever.

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