Tuesday 19 June 2018

This is how you can successfully sell your android app

The market is brimming with a competition. The world of Android app development is also crowded with hundreds of participants, be it sellers or buyers. Businesses all over the world are looking for an efficient android app developer, but of course, they won’t invest their money in simply anyone. You have to make yourself a commodity worthy of buying. Here are a few tactics that can help you in selling your online app:

1.    Create a balance between user base and revenue. 

Your app needs to appear free to the users, at last the basic version of it. No user will pay for your app if they can get something similar for free. So, make your app’s basic version free and keep an offer out for the premium version. 

2.    Connect with an app store

Get registered with the Google play store or other such stores, in order to increase your visibility and accessibility. 

3.    Your app must have interactive content

Your content should be unique and interactive. This will keep you app trending and visible. It will help in keeping your users hooked and delighted. 

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4.    To be on the safer side, add an advertisement

This will help in attracting more users to your app. There are several options out there through which you can add relevant ads to your app and potentially increase your revenues. You are keeping the app free, so you can recover some of its cost with the help of ads which you add. 

5.    Make sure your app is up to date

No one wants to look at old and outdated content. Your apps needs to have all the latest content and stuff on it. Also, it must come up with updates at equal intervals. Be very responsive to the customer’s needs and you won’t lose them. 

Openwave, a popular Android app development company in Malaysia undertakes all these measures and has managed to maintain a steady customer base over the decades through which it has strived in the market.

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