Monday 9 April 2018

6 reasons why you can’t go wrong with choosing PHP scripting language

Considered the world’s most popular programming language, PHP has remained the top choice for those who’re looking to realize their web development project through a fast, affordable and reliable means. Withstanding the test of time for years now, PHP has continued to evolve and amaze the development community with its remarkable capabilities.

If you want to know the PHP advantages and what makes this language the right choice for web development, then read on:

It’s open source code

The best part of it is that its open source, and thus, you don’t have to shell out on licensing fees. Instead, the expenses are restricted to hiring PHP web developers for the job. In addition, its massive technical community ensures a constant stream of evolution and introduces a host of features you can benefit from.

Performance improvements

PHP is optimized for performance with its compiler boasting of features that can reduce the size of the code and speed up execution time. Further, the compiled code can also be cached using xcache or eAccelerator which can cut down the time spent in parsing and be compiling the code at a significant rate.

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Error-free code

With any programming language, running into bottlenecks and coming across bugs is a given, but PHP makes several debuggers available that allows PHP web developers to weed out these issues quickly. Early error-identification can accelerate the development process, making it hassle-free.
graphic capabilities

PHP’s image functionalities can be leveraged to generate images and graphics dynamically in multiple formats such as jpeg, gif, png etc. Since building a visually-rich website goes a long way in boosting customer engagement, this incredible capability is a compelling reason to choose PHP over others.

Completely extensible

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of the platform lies in its ability to be stretched to any point and customized to fit into any requirement. Its custom extensions and components add on the extensibility needed to build a website that can adapt dynamically and scale up as needed.

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