Wednesday 27 September 2017

5 tips to enhance collaboration of web designers with developers

There’s a common misconception that design and development are different ends of the spectrum. Most companies break them up into separate teams, oblivious to the fact that it could lead to disastrous ramifications. Experts suggest that in order to streamline the development process and get better yields, it is vital to interlink the two. 

One influences the other, and thus, the collaboration between web designers and developers is an important determinant of project success. 

Here we’re sharing a few tips that will help designers to collaborate better with web developers:

#1: Involvement from the initial phase

Design isn’t a solo project; but rather involves co-creation. Developers are integral to this and must take part in constructive conversations and discussions right from the start. They can offer a lot of valuable insight and impart new angles to the process that designers may not have thought of.

#2: Prototypes over static wireframes

In some cases, it might not be feasible, but when it is, it is always important to build prototypes. Such interactive animated interfaces will show web developers how everything should work and minimizes chances of misinterpretation. 

#3: Open communication at all fronts

Despite a busy work schedule, it is pivotal to set aside substantial time to communicate with your peers and with interdepartmental teams, which in this case involves developers. Some detest phone calls but are more open to communicating using messages. Find a mode which is convenient for both parties.

Web design and development

#4: Improve organization

Sometimes, haphazard organization makes developers lives difficult. Instead, it becomes much easier to develop if web designers send them well-organized files, so that they don’t have to sift through folders to find the designs. Centralize storage and implement a system to organize the files in a structured manner.

#5: Research user needs together

The research process requires the involvement of everyone on the product team. It is important for designers and developers to understand what users seek and helps build empathy for them. 

Encouraging both teams to carry out research will impart a shared sense of ownership to enable the creation of a better product.

Working as a team instead of two separate entities is the key to realizing a web development project. Never hire a web design and development company that doesn’t impart due importance to collaboration between cross-functional teams. 

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