Tuesday 1 August 2017

Top trends in ASP.NET web development you must know in 2017

Ever since its unassuming debut back in 2002, ASP.NET has managed to alter the web development scene by empowering programmers with the tools needed to build dynamic web apps, websites and web services. Being an open-source server-side web application framework, the platform has witnessed a continuous evolution over the years. 

Every year, new trends emerge that alter the ASP.NET web development landscape. The year 2017 has had its share of technological breakthroughs.

Here’s a look at the top five ASP.NET trends that you should watch out for, this year:

#1) The all-new framework

At the Build 2017 event, Microsoft announced its Preview 2 of the latest ASP.NET Core 2.0, promising a host of new features that were unavailable in its predecessors. While it does contain a few familiar elements, the version features some major improvements and is all set to take .NET development to the next level.

#2) Mobile app development

When it comes to building mobile apps using DotNet, not many were keen on it, and it was in fact, considered an impossible task by developers. However, the tables have turned in 2017 as the improvements in the framework will encourage mobile development for Android and iOS in the coming times.

Asp .net web application

#3) AI and Automation

Automation has been around for a while. On the business front, the emphasis is on automating critical processes, thus cutting down the manual labor needed to accomplish those tasks. This year, we’ll observe AI and Automation merging with .NET application development to build interactive, intelligent and dynamic web apps.

#4) The IoT and Big Data

The last few years have witnessed the rise of Internet of Things and Big Data. The DotNet platform will enable businesses to tap into the potential of these emerging technologies and create versatile applications in sync with modern demands.

#5) On the Cloud

Cloud services have gained momentum in recent times, but this year, a significant shift can be noticed. .NET apps can now be developed in the cloud using Microsoft Azure. It is now also possible to create multi-tier applications and deploy it on the cloud.
With the constant evolution of the platform, .NET application development is all set to lead the way, proving itself as the future of the web. 

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