Monday 24 July 2017

Why should you choose the dedicated hiring model for offshore projects?

Outsourcing is not new. The rapid growth in technology and globalization has linked organizations across the world, contributing to the increased interest in outsourcing. In fact, in the last decade alone, businesses have woken up to realize its potential benefits and are outsourcing critical technical processes. A Deloitte survey shows that over 53% of businesses outsource their IT processes, highlighting the penetration of this phenomenon across all industries.

Finding the right engagement model:

If you’re planning to outsource your app development project, there’s something you should know and decide on before proceeding: the engagement model. It is a structure that defines how the collaboration is carried out between the client and the vendor to which the job is outsourced. It’s basically classified into three types:
  1. Fixed cost 
  2. Time and Material 
  3. Dedicated Hiring 
The best of the three:

The fixed cost model involves setting a price based on the project scope in the initial stage. However, it does not allow any flexibility in the scope. The Time and Material model, on the other hand, involves fixing costs in proportion to the efforts and resources consumed. Prices can shoot up beyond expectations in this model.

The dedicated hiring model is the best of the lot, offering a fixed pricing, yet providing the flexibility to control the resources, steer the project direction through close coordination with the resources involved, and ensures quick completion. 

Here are a few benefits it provides:

#1. Get technicality out of the way: 

By hiring dedicated resources and outsourcing your development project to them, you get to focus on other key business areas.

#2. Hire skilled resources:

You no longer have to scout for talent, because the agency you hire will have a pool of skilled resources you can choose from.

#3. It’s exclusive:

Since the hired dedicated team works exclusively on your project, you get to control their actions and direct the project in the right manner, thus ensuring faster deployment.

#4. Cuts down on costs:

Purchasing hardware/software can lead to overhead expenses that could be avoided with this model. As opposed to in-house resources, hiring dedicated programmers has the economic advantage.

#5. Flexible:

As opposed to committing to full-time resources, this gives you the flexibility to hire for a short-term/long-term and does not bind you towards any obligations.

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