Thursday 8 June 2017

6 areas where M-Commerce has made an impact

Mobile commerce has been growing in influence rapidly over the past few years. With the advent of smartphones, e-commerce has been completely transformed. Companies across the field from retail and shopping all the way down to news broadcasters have been using mobile applications to further their business reach. In this article, we’re going to be looking at the many ways M-Commerce is being applied in today’s world:

Retail stores

 M-Commerce is most prevalent in the retail scene, in which companies have been transferring their online presence to mobile apps for easier functioning for customers. From Amazon to Ebay and countless others, retail stores enable customers to choose from a wide range of products and make a purchase right from their phones.


Mobile applications have made the field of healthcare a more convenient and organized one. Mobile apps make it easier for patients to refill their prescription doses, access hospitals nearby and much more. Certain apps also allow customers living in remote areas to gain access to doctors through the use of virtual programming. 

M-commerce Website development


 M-Commerce facilitates fast, easy and convenient financial transactions without even the need to get off your sofa. Countless banks have brought apps to boost convenience for customers, allowing them to transfer funds and manage their accounts from their smartphones.

Ticket booking

Booking tickets was once made easier with e-commerce. Now, the rise of mobile commerce goes one step further in delivering premium ease for customers. From booking bus tickets to train tickets all the way down to even movie tickets, mobile commerce applications bring the ability to book tickets anywhere and anytime.

Hotels and restaurants

Making reservations for hotels is also easier with the rise of hotel-booking apps such as Trivago among many others. These applications allow customers to make reservations in hotels/restaurants and more.


Entertainment has also been transformed with this field. Music is now available on smartphones through the use of specialized applications. Apart from this, there are also mobile apps for watching movies, TV shows, reading books and a variety of other entertainment aspects.

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