Friday 3 March 2017

How Investing in the Digital Media Can Earn You Top Dollars Worldwide ?

CDs and DVDs – once immensely popular – are already a relic of the past. Today’s audiences prefer to stream their favourite TV shows, movies, and songs online, with the help of streaming services like YouTube, Netflix and Apple TV. 

Not only is it more convenient to access content on an exclusively digital medium, but customers also save on storage space and don’t have to worry about physically storing clunky DVDs. 

Customers are willing to pay for digital entertainment 

According to a survey by PayPal, customers are willing to pay to stream their favourite content on their smart TVs, PCs, and smartphones. They will also pay for digital downloads. For example, customers in countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, and the U.S. spend more than $10 per month on music streaming. 

Simple access convincing many to shift from piracy

Piracy is rampant in the entertainment industry. It isn’t uncommon for movies and music albums to become available for free on some illegal sites hours after they are released. 

Digital Payments

According to the survey, users are willing to shift to legal downloads if they get faster and simpler access to their favourite media- and that's where digital media comes in. Digital media can be obtained very readily on a variety of platforms.  

Convenient purchase methods are essential to drive mobile sales

A large majority of people use their smartphone devices to either listen to music or to stream their favourite TV shows and movies. Many of these device owners opt to download songs, though, instead of paying for a streaming service. 

They cite security concerns and lack of convenience as main reasons why they think twice about paying with their phones. With the help of mobile wallets and services like PayPal’s One Touch, customers will be happy to pay for their daily dose of entertainment via their phones.

If you are in the entertainment business, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the digitisation of entertainment by building an app for Android and Apple’s TV as well as smartphone platforms. For the best strategy to adopt for your unique business, we recommend you consult with an experienced IT services company.

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