Sunday 12 February 2017

Top Advantages of Using Drupal for Web Development Projects

Drupal is the most powerful content management system (CMS) in the world. With it, you can build great social networking sites, business sites, web portals, eCommerce stores and even resource directories for individual or business needs. It's possible to set up robust sites that are lightning-fast without emptying your wallet, with the platform.

Here are some of the top benefits of using Drupal for web development:

Drupal is fully open source

Drupal is a fully open source platform. You can use it and modify it however you like. More importantly, you get access to free regular security and performance updates from a strong development community from around the globe. 

Mobile friendly design

Smartphones and tablets will have no trouble navigating sites built with it. There are plenty of responsive themes available for free that make your site mobile-friendly. 

Enterprise level solutions

Unlike many other CMSs on the market, this was built with business requirements in mind. It is flexible, secure, reliable, easy to manage, and extensively customizable. Also, you can integrate it with productivity apps like SAP.

Drupal Website Development

Rapid deployment

Organisations are on tight deadlines. Drupal allows quick deployment of a site that has some core functionalities or web service apps that are the same. Developers can make additions to webpages over time without a problem.  

Extend functionalities with API

It supports quite a few third-party APIs like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Analytics. You can integrate popular payment portals like PayPal into your site without too much trouble. 

Fully customizable

Drupal-based sites are extremely customizable. You can add all kinds of features to them and get them to look and run exactly how you want them to. There are thousands of modules and free themes you can use to customise pages. 

Cost effective

Drupal-based sites are cheap. They are easy to maintain, though you do need a little technical knowledge to update them. Also, finding hosting and development help for them is also easy.

Should you choose Drupal over WordPress or Joomla? The answer is: maybe. Drupal is better for organisations that are looking to set up an advanced website. Consult with an experienced drupal development team to find out if it’s right for you.

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