Monday 9 January 2017

Undeniable Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Makeover Right Now

The internet landscape is constantly evolving year by year. A site that was considered cutting-edge a year ago and that hasn’t been updated recently will pretty much be considered a relic by today’s standards – yes, website design evolves that fast! It is a good idea to update your site – design wise – once a year.

Here is a list of undeniable reasons why your site needs a makeover right now:

Generate better results

Poor design can lead to an underperforming site. Redesigning yours will produce much better results, perhaps by boosting load times, making it more navigable, and improving conversion rates.

To align with a new marketing strategy

Marketing strategies will change ever-so-often, and you need to ensure your branding vehicle is aligning correctly with new ones - which you can do by altering CTAs, rebranding, or adding new service features. 

Make it more user-friendly

Cluttered web pages don’t showcase your content in the best light, not to mention the fact they are hard to navigate. A makeover can make them more user-friendly. 

You want to update

Modern web design trends are very innovative, engaging, and eye-catchy. By upgrading, you will be able to catch your visitors’ attention better and leave your competition behind.

Cater to mobile users

Traffic from mobile devices is through the roof. If your pages aren’t AWP, you are losing out. Responsive design is pretty much mandatory these days.

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Incorporate more content

There won’t always be room on your old pages for new content, especially videos, infographics, and the like. Sometimes you need to add new pages and change the navigational structure on your site.

Keep up with competition

If your competitors are doing something different, you have to match them or risk losing your customers to them. 

Integrate better tools

Some third-party tools – especially newer ones – won’t be compatible with your old layout. It may be necessary to redesign to add more functionality to your site. 

Visitors tend to expect a lot from websites these days and from the businesses that are running them too. Redesigning will form a better impression on first-time visitors. You can hire an expert web design team to work for you on a short-term basis for that. 

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