Friday 9 December 2016

Why Do Developers Say it’s Easier to make iOS Apps over Android Apps?

If you’ve noticed, developers often make and release apps for the iOS platform before the Android platform. Have you ever wondered why Apple users get all the apps before Android users do? There are a multitude of reasons for it, though the most important one is that it’s simply harder to make apps for the latter. 

You have to write more code 

Android apps are coded in Java, while Android apps use Swift. On an average, you have to write at least 40% more code to include a feature in your Android app. 

The Integrated Developer Environment difference

With iOS apps, you are supposed to use the Xcode IDE, while Android developers use the Android Studio. The Apple developer environment is much easier to use, and it provides developers a lot of libraries and classes. If you’re experienced enough, you can have a working app up and running within the day. For Android, though, developers have to do a lot more work. Also, Android emulators are very slow, so it takes longer for developers to test their code. 

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The operating system problem

Most Android users use out-of-date operating systems: research suggests Lollipop is only used by about 12% of all users. Because platform users are so hesitant about upgrading to a newer OS, developers have to make the app compatible with several difference versions at once. 

The fragmentation factor

Android devices come in all shapes and sizes, and there are always major differences in the hardware they’re running on. Some phones have dual core processors, for example, while others have octa core processors. There also tend to be vast differences in screen sizes. Apple’s devices, on the other hand, are uniform when it comes to hardware and screen sizes. It’s much easier for developers to make apps for them.

As you can see, building an app for Android is a pretty complicated task. It is difficult to find good developers for the platform. Putting in the time and effort necessary to get an Android app is worth it, though: it has a market share of over 70 percent, after all.

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