Wednesday 16 November 2016

Most Effective Types of Marketing Videos that will Boost Your Conversion Rates

Videos are expected to feature prominently on websites and eCommerce stores in 2017, as more and more designers and marketers wake up to the untapped potential they have to offer. Research tells us that more than 70 percent of all customers that watch a product or service related video are likely to purchase that product or service. 

Here are the most effective types of marketing videos that should help you boost your conversion rates:

Product demos

We’re all familiar with product demonstrations they used to give us at local stores. Product demos haven’t lost their relevance today – they’ve just morphed into the video format. Product demos are an entertaining way to show your audience what your product can do. Well-made product demos have been known to boost conversion rates as much as 10%. 

Product Reviews and Testimonials 

Customers are more likely to trust a product if fellow buyers have reviewed the product and have good things to say about it. Product reviews and testimonial videos should be an integral part of every eCommerce website. 

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Comparison Videos

Users tend to get overwhelmed by the number of choices web stores give them. Comparison videos are a great way to compare two products in the same category – like the PS4 and the Xbox One – and listing the pros and cons of each, which helps your customers to decide on which to purchase. 

Interactive Videos 

Interactive videos help you tell a story and engage your users by enticing them to click on a link to learn more about a product. 

How-To Videos and Tutorials 

Customers have short attention spans, and people are unlikely to want to wade through thick product manuals that describe the product they have just purchased. How-to videos and tutorials help you teach customers on how best to utilize your product in an entertaining manner. 

While videos are important, they still need a well-designed web store as their foundation for maximum impact. If you’re still struggling with conversion rates after you’ve been running your web store for a while, it may be worth the investment to hire eCommerce experts from Openwave to tweak it.

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