Friday 14 October 2016

Learning How to Manage Your Virtual Reputation

A single word out of place can destroy reputations – or relationships – that were years in the making. In this digital age, customers expect businesses to be completely transparent with their business processes and to be responsive to their complaints or requests. Failure to do so can hamper a company’s reputation, as customers will more-than-likely vent on their favorite social media accounts, where their opinions are visible to the rest of the world.

For businesses, reputation is everything. Here are some ways you can build and maintain a spotless business reputation in this digital age:

Always be open and available to customers

Not having business social media accounts can kill your brand value these days. Having a social media presence allows you to listen to social chatter about your brand and nip problems, if any, in the bud before they become too big an issue. You should always be available to redress their grievances, by offering social media or other customer support tools.

Give your customers your word and stick to it

Customers will be happy to wait if you assure them you will handle their problem within a given timeframe, but they are likely to get angry if you keep them waiting. If you make promises, make sure you deliver.

Reputation Management

It doesn’t hurt to be polite
Never get angry with your replies to posts. Be thoughtful and considerate when dealing with customers – remember, keeping your customers happy is what will keep your business healthy.

Consider hiring a customer relations team

Consider hiring a person or a team, if your business is big, to handle customers on your behalf. You should also limit the number of people who have access to the business social media accounts – there have been cases where wayward employees have ruined a business’ reputation by posting inappropriate content through company accounts.

Getting a professionally made app or business website can help automate several business processes and make handling customers even easier. Several professionals are more than happy to make affordable apps at a fair price. You have to remember, though – it’s impossible to make everyone happy all the time. But if you give it your best, your business’ reputation is sure to thrive.

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