Friday 7 October 2016

Best Practices to Follow for the .NET Framework

The .NET framework is powerful, flexible software framework built by Microsoft. Web-based applications form an integral part of a business’ marketing strategy these days. Web-based applications are used by businesses to net more customers and to provide services and updates to them. The .NET framework is capable of creating secure, highly effective and efficient web based applications.

Here are some best practices to follow while using Microsoft's.NET Framework:
Be consistent and follow coding conventions

You should follow standard coding conventions while building your app, making it easy to modify and reuse later. You should use variables that are easy to understand and follow a strict code layout and name scheme, which makes your code easy to troubleshoot – and you can incorporate new code from other sources into it too.
Remove performance bottlenecks

You should constantly seek to improve performance by modifying your code and removing performance bottlenecks. You can use an analyzing tool to help with this task. A well-optimized application is a treat for users. 

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Make an application secure

While the.NET framework offers some standard safety features; you should add custom safety features to make your application more secure. A common mistake is to allow users to write or inject SQL scripts into an application.
Make exceptions specific instead of generic

While writing code to capture specific exceptions is more difficult, it is more rewarding in the long run when it comes to optimizing and debugging an app. An app also runs better when exceptions caught are specific.
Use inheritance to promote code reuse

Using inheritance feature offers a certain structure to your code. You can inherit classes later and not have to write new code. It’s also useful while troubleshooting code.
The best practices given here are something every good .NET developer should follow to produce error-free, efficient content. If you’re planning to get a .NET based application built for your business, it may be worthwhile to hire an experienced developer to do it for you instead of doing it yourself.  Openwave has a team of experienced .NET developers that will be able to plan and create a .NET application exactly the way you want.

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