Thursday 14 May 2015

4 Reasons Why Wordpress Is The Best For Small Businesses

Wordpress automatically translates into easy for many. It is one of those platforms that require you to know absolutely no coding knowledge for you to be able to operate it. But there is also the oft heard complaint of Wordpress being a little feature less for website that requires advanced functionality. But that’s far from the truth as Wordpress combines simplicity with versatile features and exciting third party plugins. This article looks at why Wordpress is beneficial for small businesses that operate on limited budgets.

1. Easy to manage content
Now, if you’re a business owner you know very well that putting together a website is hardly a task easily done. Seasoned businessmen would tell you that it is akin to putting together many pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This being the case with most web development platforms, Wordpress comes as a platform that makes managing content seem thoroughly simple. No practice needed whether it is making changes to the text or to the images and graphics.

2. Thousands of plugins
Few other content management systems give you the option of playing around with as many plugins as Wordpress. This is because Wordpress is Open Source and developers are creating new plugins all the time for you to use. This means small businesses that function on tight strings don't have to build tools to implement these functionalities from the scratch. Even seemingly complex plugins such as ones for your ecommerce website are made available at Wordpress.

3. Google-friendly
As Wordpress frames content so neatly and in a simple format, Google takes out Wordpress easily for its search results, which essentially means that you have a better chance of ranking high when people search for your products and services. And when we speak of plugins, it is essential to mention the SEO plugins of Wordpress that allow you to easily manage your meta tags and keywords.

4. Mobile-friendly
Finally, we come to the elephant in the room. Being mobile friendly has been one of the chief reasons why Wordpress has been sought after by so many users around the world Wordpress has many pre designed themes that are mobile-friendly and come readily to your aid. These mobile-friendly themes do the job of automatically taking your media and shrinking it to a responsive format.

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