Thursday 1 March 2018

6 reasons why you should use WordPress for website development!

Developing websites for your brand is no longer an option. Businesses across the globe have adopted branding websites as a norm as it allows them to place an outpost on the internet to enable visitors and clients to learn about the services offered and a means to contact them. This is where WordPress comes in. A highly powerful platform, it is used by business all over the world to build beautiful and content-rich websites.

The following advantages make it the best CMS platform out there:

Search Engine Visibility: From customizable URLs to auto-generated meta tags, there are a host of features which make this platform a digital marketer’s best tool. The platform is SEO-ready and aids in boosting the organic reach of the website on the internet by delivering a high page rank.

Security: Security is never a concern as a WordPress website allows the incorporation of additional layers of safeguards through custom developed plugins. This is highly useful for eCommerce websites who require foolproof websites to promote their businesses.

User-friendly: It is the perfect platform for the uninitiated. The features for adding, editing, and removing elements are simple and intuitive. Addition a variety of new elements such as blog pages, posts, and images is made easy.

Customisable Designs: Unlike most CMSs on the market, WordPress boasts of an online theme library that is vast. With thousands of free and paid themes at the disposal of website developers, building a unique site is very easy to accomplish.

Wordpress Website development Company

Agility: Building a website that is agile and full of features is best possible when the platform used for development is WordPress. Thanks to its large open source community, the WordPress ecosystem is thriving with thousands of free plug-ins and add-ons which allow integration of cutting-edge functionality into the website.

Backend Control: Administration of the WordPress website is simplified thanks to an intuitive UI at the backend which allows addition and management of content with relative ease. The dashboard is developed with a diverse user base in mind, and is, therefore devoid of any coding requirements. All actions are based on a GUI.

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  1. A new one that we’re experimenting with at the office is a free one called INK for All. I’ve only been using it for a short time at this point. But, it’s already helped improve my writing and save me tons of time. Also has a WordPress plug in, helps save even more time

  2. Phenomenal list.

    Consider adding INK to this your content creation toolbox: I randomly found it after switching among 10 plus plugins and apps to write blog articles for years. Most comprehensive platform I’ve come across