Wednesday 21 March 2018

A Comprehensive insight into the utility and advantages of .NET Framework

The year 2002 saw Microsoft incept the .NET platform as a dynamic base for providing a utility and security wrapper for applications and web avenues developed in ASP.NET. It is a utility-rich, open source platform, fortified with extensive development libraries and editors to craft state-of-the-art mobile and web applications for various business requirements. 

Here,  let’s look at some of the major .NET benefits , which make the framework a force to reckon with when crafting functional and dynamic applications is the ask:

Programming Language Tool Set 

C# is a major object oriented programming construct available within ASP.NET, which is predominantly used for crafting mobile and web based applications. Another crucial Visual Basic essential is VB Studio, which provides a world of functional features to the programming construct. Last but not the least, .NET developers also make use of the open source language available out of the box, which helps them craft functional and truly cross platform web and mobile applications.

Dotnet Website development

Partnering with an able .NET development company

The straight advantage which an experienced team of .NET developers can bring in is excellent skills at rendering cross platform, functionality-rich applications which are highly customized to business requirements. A rich expertise in C#, F# and Visual Basic, coupled with a strong analytical bent of mind can come into able use in bringing your business ideas and requirements to life in the form of flashy, dynamic applications. 

Thus, always make sure that you look for sound knowledge and skills when you hire .NET developers in Malaysia. A great way to be sure about the company or the team of developers you hire is to browse through the portfolio of past work they would have done for previous clients. Thoroughly check the functionalities implemented by the team in terms of the programming practices implemented and the documentation made. You can always turn to Openwave for expert solutions!

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