Wednesday 21 February 2018

Looking to enhance your PHP skills? Follow these 5 steps!

In the domain of web development, PHP has carved a niche for itself as the go-to platform. Businesses across the globe have opted for the PHP framework to build their websites. But developing a PHP website requires good planning and technique as the platform requires constant maintenance and upkeep. An inefficient codebase can lead to several issues during the maintenance. Hence, it is important to keep your skills at the cutting-edge!

 Follow these steps to make your PHP coding efficient.

Usage of Comments: When developing a PHP code, it is important to bookmark the different sections and add a comment to indicate the purpose of that particular piece of code. This can help you ensure clarity when you revisit the comment and make it easy for carrying out alterations without any bugs.

Variables should be named meaningfully: When defining variables and using them in a code, it is important to ensure that they are added to the directory with a relevant. This is crucial as it helps other developers to carry out maintenance or modifications with ease.

Use Constants: Using constants wherever possible can help you store data that maybe used at various places throughout the code. Recurring and important pieces of code such as error messages and directory paths can be called upon with ease.

PHP Web development
Use Objects instead of functions: In PHP development, using objects as opposed to functions can help you build code in an easy way and make debugging easier. It also reduces the complexity of the codebase thereby making it easy to maintain

Use Separate Configuration Files: Using a separate configuration file helps avoid rewriting code for every minor changes. Instead compartmentalizing the code in separate configuration files makes it easy to carry edits on a particular part of the script without affecting the rest of the framework

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