Tuesday 5 September 2017

The Key To Secure Android App Development: Hiring A Development Company!

In recent times, we’ve witnessed an upsurge in the number of mobile devices being used. It’s an interconnected world now, thanks to the wonders of mobile technology. Besides communication, mobile apps have added a whole new dimension to smartphones by infusing unimaginable functionality. From shopping to ordering food online to gaming, these handheld devices are transforming into powerhouses – and its mobile apps that have made it possible. Leading the revolution is Android!

Android, the phone OS developed by Google, powers up more than 2 billion devices and is the most used platform. This has prompted several businesses to explore Android app development in Malaysia. However, the technological boom does come with a downside. Security issues are ever-imminent. Android phones are susceptible to being hacked, and users understand its shortcomings. That’s the reason why the demand for secure mobile app development for Android is on the rise. 

Here are a few ways how an Android mobile app development company can build a secure application:

1)    Security with SSL and HTTPS

Using SSL and HTTPS encrypts the information being transferred over the network by the application and minimizes chances of the device being hacked by security threats.

2)    Store Sensitive Data in Internal Memory

The internal storage is the best place to store sensitive information as it is protected and restricts access by any other application or device.

3)    App Wrapping 

One of the most common methods followed by Android developers is wrapping the application by 
encapsulating it in a managed environment such that it is isolated from the rest of the device.

4)    Encrypt the Saved Data

Any data saved by an Android app in its environment should not be in a plain text form. Rather, it should be encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standards (AES), so the stored data is hard to read.

5)    Minimize Permissions

Permissions need to be restricted to only what’s needed by the application. A photo gallery app may not require access to contacts, so there’s no point asking users to permit the same. Apps that don’t wade too much into a user’s privacy are trusted more.

To ensure that you’re deploying a secure product, it’s a must to hire an Android App Development company in Malaysia that has dealt with addressing security issues and building secure applications. Choose Openwave for foolproof app security!

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