Thursday 31 August 2017

Top 7 tips to building a mobile-friendly experience on your website

It’s the 21st century, and it's rightly called the age of mobile. Everyone owns a smartphone; from adults to teens, from people in Asia to Africa. The smartphone revolution has spread across the globe, and its growth isn’t going to stop anytime soon. In fact, recent statistics indicate that web usage through mobile devices has exceeded that of desktops. It highlights how important it is for websites to get more mobile-friendly.

Mobile-friendly sites are not just a hit with users but are also crucial for SEO. If you’re thinking of hiring website developers to build a new site or are planning to revamp the existing one, here are eight tips that will help you:

#1) Content should be crisp

Due to the limited screen space, lengthy articles might not be well-received owing to the extent of scrolling users might have to do. Keep it brief and exclude the superfluous elements.

#2) Responsive design

Use responsive web design to make your website mobile-friendly. It’s now the standard used in web development and allows the website to adapt to various screen sizes optimally.

#3) Keep the design simple

Cluttering the design with too many elements may distract users and will also make the site difficult to browse, so keep the design simple.

#4) Replace text with icons

This is a great way to add visual appeal while at the same time, make what matters more prominent to users. Share buttons, contact options, and other important links can be turned into clickable icons.

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#5) Remove pop-ups

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a pop-up ad block the entire screen. Do not use them as it can dissuade visitors from visiting your site.

#6) Provide easy log-ins

To build a mobile-friendly website, minimize typing wherever possible. One way to do this is to eliminate the need to filling out long forms by providing them easy sign-ins either via their email or social accounts.

#7) Need for speed

Optimize the website, remove overburdening elements and make sure the website loads fast. Anything less than 2 seconds will drive customers away.

#8) Limit scrolling horizontally

For better mobile-viewing experience, curb the need for users to scroll horizontally to view the web pages.

With these tips, you can ensure that your online presence is defined by a mobile-friendly website. If you need experts to incorporate the best practices during development, then hire website developers from Openwave, a leading web design company in Malaysia.

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