Sunday 4 December 2016

Top Benefits of Putting Your Real World Business Online

The eCommerce market is expected to generate revenues of $1.9 trillion globally by the end of this year. By the year 2020, revenues will have doubled to $4 trillion. If you own a real world store and don’t own an eCommerce website, the statistics say you’re losing out on a lot of business. 

Still not convinced? Here are some of the top benefits of putting your real world business online:

You will be able to find customers worldwide

 The internet has no boundaries – and your store won’t either. Getting an online store will help you find customers outside of your locality, and you may even be able to sell your products globally. If there isn’t a demand for a certain product in your area, there might be some in another country. 

You save on infrastructure costs

You save on paying for storage space, lighting, electricity, and other infrastructure costs for your products. It’s possible to carry a larger inventory at reduced costs.  You also don’t have to pay employee wages (though that money may well be spent on site maintenance and development). 

Your store will stay open 24/7

You can keep your store open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will be able to make money even when you’re sleeping. Your real world store, on the other hand, can only stay open at certain hours during the day, typically. 

E-commerce website development

People love discounts 

Discounts, promotions, and coupons are very attractive to customers. You can sell your products online at reduced prices and pass that benefit on to your customers. Reduced prices always make customers feel happier about buying from you. 

You can find a lot more customers online 

There are over 3.5 billion internet users in the world at the moment. By putting your store online, you boost your business’ visibility, and you can find a lot more customers than ever before. Competition from retail giants like is greater than ever, so make sure you spend a lot of time optimizing your store. 

Building an eCommerce store is easy – you can use a popular platform like Magento or WooCommerce to do it in a short span of time. You can also hire a development team to do it for you.

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